72 Million Dollar Candy Bar?

72 Million Dollar Candy Bar


A craving for a candy bar turns a GA women into a multi-millionaire.  Marcia Adams, of College Park Ga, asked her boyfriend to stop at a local store for a candy bar Thursday night.  When they stoped, she also asked him to buy a lottery ticket as well, not knowing that literally hours later she would be a multi-millionaire.  Adams won the Georgia Mega Millions for $72,000,000 and took the cash option of $52,000,000.  Now that's a 72 million dollar candy bar………




Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Livin Large: Massive $20,000,000 Mansion Ready For Move-In

Giselle and Tom Are Living Large


gisele bundchen tom brady










It must be very nice to be Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady because their massive $20,000,000 mansion is officially ready to move in.  It has been under construction for two years and has a swimming pool and spa.  It's a massive 22,000 square feet, has eight bedrooms and located in the ritzy Brentwood, California.  

The home has energy efficient lighting and appliances throughout, a six-car garage, a butler's room and a nursery for their son Benjamin.  Enjoy the view!!!!!!



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