Was Chris Brown Karruecheless at 54th Annual Grammy’s?

Was Chris Brown Karruecheless at 54th Annual Grammy's?





Last night was music's biggest night and it didn't fail to dissapoint.  The biggest stars in entertainment gathered to showcase their chops!  Chris Brown did very well for himself performing and winning a Grammy for Best R & B album.  But one question still looms, that right now, is unanswered at this point.  Was Karrueche by his side at the Grammy's?



Chris kept a very low-profile by avoiding the all coveted 'Red-Carpet Entrance' and kept his exceptance speech,  when he won the Grammy, short and sweet!  He seemed very humble in giving his speech and even more humble for performing at the Grammy's.  He gave props to God & 'Team Breezy'.


Watch Chris Brown's Acceptance Speech




Karrueche had tweeted earlier in the week, photos of herself shopping with friends for her Grammy dress!  Since Breezy kept the low-profile, few photos, if any, have surfaced of him and Karrueche last night together!



He probably wanted to keep it that way due to the various rumors that have been circulating saying that he and Rihanna have been spending lots of time together. They made sure to avoid each other last night.   RiRi, however, did take the coveted 'Red Care Entrance' looking beautiful as always. 





HollywoodLife spoke to a friend of Rihanna's who claims, "The times they have been in the same building at the clubs the last couple weeks were never a coincidence. They always know where each other will be and would hang out more but they don't want to be photographed together. Rihanna's people have said on a constant basis to her and she seems to understand that any type of video or picture of them together and happy would be very bad for her image."


Last night, Karrueche did take to Twitter and when Breezy won the Grammy she tweeted "So F$c…., I love you!


Well, as the question remains, the rumors will continue in this curious love triangle.  Only time will tell!


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