Oprah Invited to Whitney Houston Funeral

Oprah Invited to Whitney Houston Funeral






Oprah has been invited to attend Whitney Houston's Funeral on Saturday in Newark, NJ.  


The church, where the funeral will be held, can only hold 300 people and the family is being very keen on who will be selected to attend.  Other celebs who are expected are Stevie Wander, Chaka Khan, Kevin Costner, Dione Warwick, Aretha Franklin.


No word as of yet if the Big O is going to attend, but the family is hopeful.


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Update:  Sources who are said to be close to the family and familiar with the guest list are reporting that Sir Elton John, Sir David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z & Beyonce, are said to be in attendance.  All celebrity guest are said to be offered police escorts and the church will be blocked off a 6 square block around the church.


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