Is Eddie Murphy Making Toni Braxton ‘High’?

Is Eddie Murphy Making Toni Braxton 'High'?






UsWeekly is reporting the Eddie Murphy & Toni Braxton maybe dating and it maybe getting serious.  Sources say Eddie cheered her on at a concert she performed at L.A. on February 19,2012.  An insider claims their kids have met each other and everything.





Eddie has eight kids from past relations and one divorce.  Toni has two children from her past marriage which she is now divorced.   

Do they make a good couple?


Update:  Eddie Murphy says he and Toni are just friends.


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Plastic Surgeons In Birmingham AL: Ways to Ensure Your Safety

Plastic Surgeons In Birmingham AL: Ways to Ensure Your Safety 



Many people, especially women, are choosing to get cosmetic surgery and seeking the best plastic surgeons in Birmingham, AL.  Plastic surgery can help to enhance your body as well as your self-esteem, but it is important to approach cosmetic surgery in a reasonable and safe manner.  One must understand that having plastic surgery on your body is a major step.  


Each individual might have different reasons for considering plastic surgery, ranging from wanting to improve a part of their body, enhance a part of thier body such as breast augmentation, or to nip or tuck a part of the body.  Whatever the reason may be, one should make sure to choose the best and safest plastic surgeons.




There are some steps to take to ensure that you choose the right surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.


   1.  Check the Doctors credentials.  Reputable doctors will have their credentials displayed on their wall.  They usually display what university they graduated from.  Also, they will display any certifications or advance training they have.


   2. Don't be afraid to ask questions.  Asking questions is probably one of the best ways to ensure your safety.  A reptuable doctor will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding getting pastic surgery.  This is your body and the best person to look out for your body is you.  Also, many doctors have websites and have before and after photos.  When you make a consultation, ask to see photos of before and after procedures.  Ask about how many surgeries the doctor has performed and what are the risks with any surgery and any other questions that may come to mind.


   3. Make a consultation. Most doctors give you a free consultation.  Go talk to different doctors.  Don't just settle for the first doctor that you go and meet.  Be sure to shop around. 


   4.  Don't let cost be the deciding factor.  Have you ever heard the saying "You get what you pay for".  Well, this can hold true.  Don't go with the first doctor or let your plastic surgery in Birmingham, Al be driven by cost.  


   5. Choose a Board Certified Surgeon. Board Certified Surgeons have to go through examinations and certifications to ensure safety and make sure they are qualified to perform the procedure.  They have to continue certification to maintain this priviledge.  One of the most important societies a doctor can belong to is the (ABPS)  American Board of Plastic Surgeons.  They only allow membership to a select few.  There are other memberships that a plastic surgeon can belong to.  The more they belong to better!


Plastic surgery can be a good thing, but you must exercise caution.  There are many people who plastic surgery has helped and testimonials of that.  There are also stories of cosmetic surgery gone awry and that this is why it is important make wise decisions regarding the doctor you choose.  The results you can get can change your life and the way you feel about yourself, so be sure to put you first!


What do you think?


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