Will Third Time Be A Charm For Halle Berry?

Will Third Time Be A Charm For Halle Berry?


Reports have been swirling since January that Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez are engaged.  Well, Martinez has confirmed with the Miami Herald that the two are indeed engaged to be married. While promoting his new restaurant Villa Azur in South Beach, Martinez tells The Miami Herald, " Yes, of course it's true."

 Martinez also confirmed the designer of Halle's ring.  Rumors spread that the designer of the ring was Gurhan.  However, Martinez says the ring was designed by Robert Mazlo of Paris.   Martinez says Mazlo "is a real artist who has been making jewelry for kings and queens for many centuries." This will be Berry's third marriage.


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Aaliyah MakeUp Tutorial: Get Aaliyah Make Up Look

 Get Aaliyah Make Up Look




Aaliyah had a unique and beautiful style all her own.  Her make-up varied sometimes with it being simple and classic, to sometimes using dark smokey eyes and red-deep lipstick. Her makeup inspired a style that make up artist still use today!







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Chris Brown Wants to ‘F#@! The City Up’?

Chris Brown Wants to 'F#@! The City Up'?



Chris Brown is at it again.  He released another super-sexual song entitled "F#@% The City Up".  This song is probably one the most sexually explicit songs he has released to date.  Chris pushed the release of his up-and-coming album until May 2012.


Take a Listen: (Warning: Strong Language)


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Should You Access The Power of Rhode Island’s Balls?

Should You Access The Power of Rhode Island's Balls?



Call it a string of luck for the state, but someone just won the Powerball Lottery from Rhode Island again, just off the heels of 81-year-old, Louise White claiming the more than $300+ million dollar Powerball Lottery a week ago.  Louise is a Rhode Island native as well.  


The most current winnings are for $60 million,  and if the winner takes a lump sum, they will get around $37 million dollars.  The combined winnings including both winners is almost $400 million dollars.


The winning ticket was sold at Quickets Convenience Store in Smithfield and the state will get $2.6 million bringing the total amount from both lottery winners to over $16 million dollars for the state.


States have had winners who have won lottery prizes in the same year, but back to back winners are pretty rare!  No one has stepped up to claim the prize as of yet!


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Kris Humphries: I’m TELLIN, Kim Kardashian Didn’t Give Me No MONEY!

Kris Humphries: I'm TELLIN, Kim Kardashian Didn't Give Me No MONEY!



Kris Humphries camp is reporting that he did make money off his wedding to Kim, but he hasn't seen any of it.  When Kris and Kim got married, he claims that before they were married, both he and Kim opened a joint account.  He claims all the monies he and Kim made from the reality show and wedding photos was deposited into the joint account.  Even though it is a joint account, which both of them have access to, Kris hasn't went to collect any of it.


Sources close to Kris tell TMZ that it's not about the money for him, he just wants an annulment, which he has to prove was fraudulent and may be difficult to do.  Kimmie maintains she truly loved him and was truly heart-broken over their split!


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Fabulous Ways to Put On Angelina Jolie Makeup

Fabulous Ways To Wear Makeup Like Angelina Jolie




Angelina Jolie has one of the most arguably beautiful faces on the planet.  As you may see, Angelina wears very light make-up, focusing mainly on her eyes and lips.  Her beauty has become more of a simple, classic, goddess like look.  She is known for her beautiful eyes and pouty lips so if you want make-up like Angelina's you want to accentuate the eyes and lips.






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