Candice Swanepoel Will ‘BANG HER OWN BIKINIS’?

Candice Swanepoel Will 'BANG HER OWN BIKINIS'?



Candice Swanepoel has proven she has what it takes to be one of the best swimsuit models in the world, currently one of the top Victoria Secret Angels.  Well the bikini model may launch her own swimwear line.  She recently told W Magazine that she loves her native country South Africa, but is heavily inspired by Brazilian thong.  She says designing a line of bikinis is in the future.  


As for how she sees the bikini line:


"There’s a couple of ideas that I like. It’s inspired by Brazil — how small [the bikinis] are … the backs are just so much more flattering. I love that small triangle … all the colors … there’s so much you can do with swimwear."


The model officially got her Victoria Secret Wings in 2010.  She has now done many swimwear promotions for the brand so she should be able to bring lots of expert advice to her line.  


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