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Junior Seau Passes Away At 43

Junior Seau Passes Away At 43




Legendary Linebacker Jason Seau is dead at the age of 43.  Right now, it is being investigated as a suicide.  He was found with a bullet wound to the chest.  His girlfriend found him.  911 was called.  Life-saving efforts were administered to no avail.  He has four children and an ex-wife.  He was known as an honorable and popular football player on and off the field.  Family members say that they didn't notice any signs of depression and signs anything seemed wrong.  He reportedly sent text messages to all his children saying "Love You", the children sent messages back but didn't think anything of it.


His NFL career spans the course of 19 seasons.  He played 12 years for the San Diego Chargers.  In 2010, he drove his car off the cliff hours after being arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Then he claimed that he had fell asleep and didn't not try to commit suicide, but now some are speculating that it may have been the case.  He is one of the latest football players who have committed suicide and causing many to allegations of brain-injuries sustained during their NFL career.    The NFL has denied the allegations, but with this latest suicide, it is bound to come back as a topic of conversation.  My Fabulous Style sends out prays and condolence to the Seau Family.





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