Could You Have Acid Reflux Syndrome?

Acid Reflux Syndrome?


Acid Reflux Syndrome Disorder


Have been having really bad heartburn or have the feeling that you need to throw up, especially when you eat too much or drink too much. Is it just heartburn? Have you thought it may be a heart attack? Or is it something else? What you may be suffering from is actually acid reflux syndrome.


Acid reflux is actually something that many people suffer from and not even realize and believe it or not, it is very common.  It is a disorder when the acid that is in your stomach goes back up and enters your esophagus causing a extreme burning sensation.  This could be quite a nasty, uncomfortable feeling. Many people who suffer from this say that it can sometimes be painful.  When this happens frequently, your esophagus, especially the lower portion, could become very inflamed.  



The main symptom that individuals complain about when they have acid reflux syndrome is heartburn and a nauseating feeling. However, with this one, the heartburn can actually reach not only your chest area but also your jaw, your arms, your back, and even your neck. When you experience this, you may have a hard time swallowing anything.  The feeling can happen if you drink alcohol, smoke, or eat anything which is highly acidic, especially caffeinated beverages.  


You should understand that acid reflux syndrome and its symptoms often spring up  when you immediately lie down just after you have eaten.  Experts suggest that one way to get immediate relief for this would be to sit down. Sitting could actually help lessen the pain as compared to when you were lying down.  You can also help prevent GERD by eating smaller meals and elevating yourself upon sleeping.   Try keeping the acid production in your stomach at low levels.  


You may want to have a doctor check on you when you experience acid reflux syndrome.  If you have GERD, it means that the lower esophageal sphincter (or the LES) is not doing its job well. In normal situations, the LES actually is closed very tight. Lying down right after eating a lot can actually trigger this to open and you would not want that to happen.


If you need to see a doctor, they may prescribe medications such as Nexium.  Natural remedy approaches can also benefit those who choose to take this route.  We will be bringing you a natural remedies article for acid reflux!


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