Ann Hathaway GETS BAZAAR

Ann Hathaway Harper's Bazaar



Ann Hathaway


Ann Hathaway has become an international acting superstar and has grown into a mature, chic, beautiful woman.  She appears in Harpers Bazaar dressed in a tight corset, and talks with the magazine about not having "sex appeal.  She tells the magazine that she hates not being "cool."  She says she feels like she is labeled sweet, accessible, and not interesting.    


She adds that she is not Rihanna.  When people come up to her and want a hug, not a phoot, they want it for the work she has done.  Speaking of the work she has done.  Her latest project where she plays Fantine in Les Miserable is getting her Oscar Buzz.   Maybe, just maybe, what she is doing works for her!


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