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An affiliate is someone who refers a customer to recommended goods or services and gets a cut the profits if there is a sale or someone signs up for an offer.  This model is often used in many aspects of business, but many people don't think of it in those terms.  For example, a financial broker gets a cut of a loan if a business gets approved or a car salesman getting a percentage of a sale when he sales a car.  Those are forms of affiliate marketing.  


The internet has made it easy for the average, everyday Joe to become an affiliate, but some programs can be unreliable with payments.  You shouldn't have to pay to become an affiliate, although some programs will charge you an upfront fee for materials or product.  If you are interested in starting to promote products and don't want to have to fork out cash, we have came up with a list of  of the top affiliate programs that have great reputations, longevity.


  1. ClickbankThis is the best online place that offers the sale of of Digital Products.  Clickbank handles all payments and they have been in business for years and are reliable when it comes to getting paid.  All you have to do is sign up for their affiliate program and you can be on your way to promoting today. Click Here to Sign Up
  2. 500 AffiliatesThis is a top rated Forex Affiliate Program.  You can refer people who want to trade forex.  They have a revenue sharing program where you can make money from the profits of a referral.  You are assigned an affiliate manager and given promotional tools.  It is free to sign up and you can begin promoting today.  Click Here to Sign Up
  3. Business Finance AgentYou can get paid for referring people who have an existing business or someone seeking finances to start a business.  You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how much the person qualifies for.  It is easy to sign up and you get an account manager.  Click Here to Sign Up


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