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My Fabulous Style is a syndicated site dedicated to delivering updated content daily to our readers.  The website is about fashion, creating your own style and more. It is also about helping readers build their self-esteem, fabulous self, and sense of well-being through brand awareness, practical tips, advice, and overall mass appeal.


Fabulous Style is unique to each individual and is defined only by the individual". "It’s a way to define you and how you feel about yourself.” The website tackles topics about fashion, health, lifestyle, beauty, and family. Our categories include news, beauty, celebrity chat, fashion style, free financial advice, model chat & more.



Audience: Most of our audience is between 18-34 who browse our site from home.

                 Some College Who make between $30-000- $100,000 

                 31% of our traffic comes from search engines and 63%

                 of our traffic is from the U.S.A



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