Gabriel Aubry to Halle Berry: About $20,000 Will Do

Gabriel Aubrey to Halle Berry: About $20,000 Will Do



The battle over Nahla continues between Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry continues with Gabriel asking the court to order Halle to pay $20,000 a month.  TMZ reports Gabriel went to court today to argue that Halle should pay a half-million in attorney fees and $20,000 a month for care for Nahla; he feels he needs this sum because Nahla needs to be cared for in a proper environment.  The paper work wasn't filled out properly so he didn't get to argue his case today, which he wasn't at all happy with.


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Hottest Football Players: Cam Newton BANGS UNDER YOUR ARMOUR

Hotteest Football Players: Cam Newton BANGS UNDER YOUR ARMOUR




Oooooooh MY!!!!!!!   Cam Newton's latest Ad for Under Armour showing off his impressive physique. Cam models BoxerJock for Under Armour adding to his already impressive resume!


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Shakira Addicted To You

Shakira Addicted To You 




Shakira debuted her new single "Addicted to You".  It is the 5th single off her album which was previously released in 2010. Shakira has also made a new hair change.  She normally rocks long blond locks, but is showing a new, shorter hair due.  



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Americal Idol: Joshua Ledet Sends Chills

America Idol: Joshua Ledet Sends Chills 




Joshua Ledet proved that he deserves to be one of the top two to compete for the prize of American Idol tonight with his rendition of The Bee Geez "To Love Somebody".  Tonight the finalist performed two songs. one from the sixties and British Pop.  He sang "Ain't to Proud to Beg" by the Temptations, but it was his rendition of The Bee Geez song that had all the judges on their feet and leaving a look of awe on Jennifer Lopez' face.


Joshua didn't know the song and during a clip of rehearsals earlier in the week, he asked for some time to go away from the room so he could prepare, which made it even more impressive of his delivery.  Randy said he was probably one of the best of Idols ever on the show, Jennifer Lopez took it a step forward and said he was probably one of the best performers of the last 50 years, and Steven Tyler said he was probably one of the Top 2 Idols ever!  If you like Joshua, remember you have to vote!




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Cute Couple Alert: Obama and Michelle ‘Lovie Dovie’

Cute Couple Alert: Obama and Michelle 'Lovie Dovie'




Michelle Obama and Barack Obama were in Georgia yesterday at Fort Stewart Walk helping to mourn soldiers who have passed.  He also signed an order that would help military families.  Michelle, who is known for her dashing style, looked fabulous in a deep colored, red dress, pearls and flat shoes.


What caught the eye of many was the affection the pair shared.  They were seen holding hand and kissing at times.  This was just another reminder of what a great couple they make and the great chemistry they have.



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Rare Vintage Marilyn Monroe Photos Set For Auction

Rare Vintage Marilyn Monroe Set For Auction



Marilyn Monroe was one of the most sexy icons of her time.  Many photos were taken of the model/actress and some rare vintage photos taken by Ben Stern in 1962 six weeks before her death. They are a set of chromogenic prints in a session entitled "The Last Sitting".  The photographer had three photo sessions with the beauty for Vogue Magazine in 1962.  Marilyn can be seen posing topless with a sheer scarf.  The photos will go on sale May 8, 2012, in New York.  The photos are in high demand and are expected to get as much as $25,000 dollars.  Marilyn Monroe was found dead August 5, 1962, at the age of 36.



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Kaela ‘Frees Her Hump’ For ELOQUII

Kaela 'Frees Her Hump' For ELOQUII




Kris Humphries sister, who recently signed with Ford Models, has done her first major photo shoot for The Limited plus-sized clothing line Eloquii.  She modeled fun and flirty clothes posing and smiling for the camera.  


Kaela told People magazine that the clothes from the line fit and looked amazing and the line was really fashion forward.  Kaela's profile has definitely been raised since her brother became married with Kim Kardashian and is now involved in an ugly divorce.  



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Brookyln Decks HER GQ TURKEY IN April





Brooklyn Decker covers the May issue of GQ Turkey April  2012.  She looks ever the lovely model as photographer Michael Birand did his magic.  The beauty has been heavily promoting the movie The Battleship along with rebel Rihanna.  





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