If someone was asked to imagine what the perfect male model would be, Billy Payne would most likely come to mind.  With a body built like a "Greek God" and eyes that would make even the most shy girl blush, Billy is the epitome of what a male supermodel is and should be.  Billy has modeled for several major brands and is currently taping for Tyler Perry's "For Better or Worse" as "Dr. Frank".  Taking the modeling & acting world by storm, International Model Billy Payne took time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with My Fabulous Style.
BIO:  Billy Payne is a professional Actor and International Model. He was born in Indianapolis, IN. and attended Morehouse College where he double majored in Business Management and Music. In his career he has been featured in many magazines. Walked the runways from Milano to NY, and has been on billboards across America for client's such as Coca-Cola and AKOO. He recently had a fantastic run in a play in NY, and has 8 commercials to add to his list of achievements. Billy now divides his time between NY and Atlanta, and is working hard on taking the acting world by storm! 
1)   Who is Billy Payne? 
I'm a mixed preacher's son from Indiana, who loves pit bulls and takes a pretty good picture every now and then, lol!!  I know that was a simple answer, but that's because I'm pretty simple and easy going.
2)   When did you start modeling and why did you decide to become a model? 
I started modeling around the age of 7. My mom got me involved in local shows and print jobs. I backed away from it while in high school to focus on college. While in college I ventured back into it to make money on the side. And the rest is history.
3)   What is a typical day in the life of a male top model?
A typical day would consist of getting some type of work out in. Check and respond to emails. Get your go see's from your agency. Head out and book as many jobs as possible in that day. Then head to your photo shoot or shoot's that you have booked for that day. Don't forget to try to fit in lunch, if you can, lol!!! Check back in with your agency. Meet up with friends for drinks/dinner. Head home. Check emails again. Watch a little t.v. Check to see what Angie Michelle has been up to 😉 Go to bed, then wake up and do it all over again. I think that about cover's it 😉
4)   What is the most rewarding moment you have had as a model?
That's an easy one! It would have to be the first time I got the call from my parents that someone in another city had seen me on a billboard. The pure joy and excitement that penetrated through the phone lines was overwhelming. I think it was the first time that my dad actually took my career seriously. Before that. I think he looked at it as more of a hobby of mine. That moment changed a lot for me personally.
5)   Who are some brands you have worked for?
Ummm… Brands I have worked for? There's Coca~Cola, AKOO, Smirnoff, Ford, KFC, Sean John, HugoBoss, VIBE Magazine, Luster's Pink Oil, NY Fashion Week, and the Georgia Lottery to name a few. I act as well, and I've been fortunate to have 8 commercials under my belt. So some of the previously mentioned are clients not brands. Wouldn't want to confuse anyone…
6.) How do you balance your life and your modeling career?
With A LOT OF HELP!!!! I'm blessed to have some really good people around me. From family to management. They do everything from keeping me grounded and on track, to walking my dogs and getting my mail while I'm out out of town working. And that's even when I'm gone for months at a time. However, it takes a concentrated effort on my part as well. You can easily get wrapped up in "your" world, that you forget those that put you in that position. I NEVER want to do that! Thank you family and friends!!!
7)   What is the best attribute that contributes to your modeling career?
LOL!!!! I would say one thing, but most would say my eyes. But outside of features, I would have to say my work ethic. I take what I do very seriously. It's my passion. It's my craft. And I think that's what people see IN my eyes, that comes through in my work. Not just their color.
8)   What advice would you give any aspiring models?
Be as educated as you can on anything that you attach yourself to!!! When you know better, you DO better. NEVER put all of your eggs in one basket. And it's not always what you know, but who you know… All 4 of these principles can be applied to all aspects of life. Not just modeling! Always be good to YOU! 
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