Vistoria Secret: Look Like a Victoria Secret Model

Vistoria Secret: Look Like A Victoria Secret Fashion Model


 Vistoria Secret: Look Like A Victoria Secret Model                                            



It is no arguing that Victoria Secret Models are some of the most beatiful women in the world. You see them in fashion spreads, on television and you see them strut down the catwalk each year at the famous Victoria Secret' s Fashion Show. Many women see this beauty as being unattainable, yet this is not really the case. There are some steps you can take to pull of the look of Vistoria Secret Model


Get those locks. Victoria Secret Angels are known for their gorgeous long locks. Go to your beautician and take a photo of your favorite Vistoria Secret model. Try to figure out a great hair look that will fit you and still go along the lines of what a Victoria Secret Model. If you don't have long, thick hair, get some extensions, clip-on, or wigs.


Go get a make-up make over. Go to your local department store and take the Victoria Secret photo with you. Let them know you are trying to pull this look off. They will work with you to find the best make-up that fits your skin. Create a glamour look. Purchase the make-up and ask the clerk to teach you how to do this so you can replicate it yourself.


Get in shape. The models are known for their incredible shape. Hire a personal trainer and figure out a great work-out regimen. You don't have to be perfect, who is?  Fine-tune the areas that you need to work on with emphasis on your waistline, butt, arms, and thighs. Create the look that fits you and that you love.


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Almay Mascara: Prevent Almay Mascara from Clumping

Almay Mascara: Prevent Clumping of Your Almay Mascara


Almay Mascara Review



Wearing Almay mascara can accentuate your eyes and add depth and beauty to any look. Almay mascara has great components to achieve this goal, but if you don't utilize mascara correctly, it can lead to noticable clumping. The goal is to prevent mascara from clumping. Almay mascara clumping can occur for many reasons do to air getting in your tube or having a dirty applicator. Whatever the reason, there are some ways you can avoid this unsightly annoyance.


The best way to prevent mascara from clumping is by not allowing air to get  into the applicator. You can do this by simply applying the mascara to the eye and immediately closing the tube afterwards. It is also very important not to pump the applicator brush in and out of the tube. Pumping the applicator brush pushes air back into the applicator. Always make sure the brush is kept free from debris and keep it clean. Once the mascara is applied you can use a small amount of vaseline on your lashes to prevet clumping after every application. Try to avoid using a paper towel and use a wet cloth for clean-up. If possible do not use the same mascara for more than two months. Once you notice your mascara begining to dry out, it is a good time to get a new mascara applicator.



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Almay Mascara: Prevent Almay Mascara from Clumping Dec04


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