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Shvona Lavette



My Fabulous Style got recently got a chance to chat with singer-songwriter/actress Shvona
. Shvona excelled in the arts at an early age and the Queens, NY native was classically
trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Despite a rapidly-ascending
profile in front of the camera as a skilled actress, Shvona stayed intent on making her musical
dreams a reality. In 2011, she joined the Stampede Management roster, which also includes
Snoop Dogg and Far East Movement.


1. Can you tell us what inspired you to get into acting?

*I was inspired to learn more about acting at an early age. My grandmother
always kept me involved in the arts whether it was dance, theater or buying
me a keyboard for Christmas. She always nurtured my artistic side. I was
always intrigued by the idea of storytelling, becoming different characters
and exploring different parts of myself. *

2.  You have many acting credits on your resume and you have crossed over
into music, between acting and music, which is your true passion?

*My true passion is art whether I'm writing a song, painting or on the set
of a television show. As long as I am expressing myself, I am content.
Music lives in a different place in my heart than acting, but they're

3. Which actors, actresses, or singers inspire you and why?

*I'm inspired musically by the jazz greats: Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday
and Lena Horne. Their effortlessness and flawlessness astound me and their
music is classic and timeless. I admire actresses like Angela Bassett and
Kate Winslet. They take chances and are not afraid to get dirty. *

4.  You currently released three quick go-to fitness videos with your
trainer Darci Mayan. What is your favorite way to stay in shape?
My favorite way to stay fit is a healthy diet and a consistent workout
regimen. Most recently, I have been circuit training. I love how it keeps
me on my toes and I never get bored.*

5. What projects are you currently working on and can you elaborate on them?

*I'm currently working on my third album with producer Justin Hori. I'm
excited about the sound and the tone of the album. 

6. Where do you see yourself and your career in five years?

*In five years, I see my career in a better place than I could have ever
imagined. I like to dream big and aim high. As long as I am freely
expressing myself, the job is done. With my experience in film and
television, I would love to start writing someday. *

7. What advice do you have for upcoming actresses/singers that want to
pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

*The advice I would give to anyone trying to pursue a career in music
and/or film and television would be to stay true to your goals. Dream big
aim high and do not take "no" for an answer. Never compromise your
morals--once you've gone down that path there's no return. Good luck!




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Celebrity Chat: Mali Nicole

Meet Mali Nicole


Mali Nicole


Mali Nicole Interview


Meet Mali Nicole a young singer who first gained fame as a Top-30 finalist on Fox's hit show the X-Factor. Mali is a 16 year-old solo artist with undeniable talent that she is ready to share with the world. We got a chance to chat with Mali about her life, music, and her journey to success. She recently released her "Sweet Sixteen" mixtape which featured her favorite cover songs that were popular around her 16th birthday.


1.  How long have you been interested in becoming a singer/artist?

*As long as I can remember!*


2. You were on the show X-Factor. In what ways did the experience help you
with your career?

*It taught me how to manage my time and how to stay prepared for anything.
I've grown from this experience and being able to hear constructive
criticism from incredible judges was such an honor.*


3. What artist past or present inspires you?

*My inspirations are Beyonce and Michael Jackson. I love their stage
presence and hard work.*


4. You are a young singer/artist. How do you handle the pressure that comes
with your career?

*I'm able to balance my career and other things because I created a
schedule for myself to organize my leisure time. Also, I love doing what I
do so the pressure doesn't bother me. It actually helps to keep me focused.*


5. Are you currently working on any new projects?
*Yes I am. Right now, I'm in the studio working on my debut album. I'm
putting a lot of work into it. I even co-wrote! It will be dropping soon so
stay tuned.*


6. You have an eye for fashion. Do you have a certain style you like? Do
you have a certain brand or designer that you love to wear?

*I like to stand out when I dress up. I would say my style is somewhat like
a 70s/80s look. I like to wear a lot of different colors with a bunch of
accessories and I love makeup.*




Mali Nicole Sweet Sixteen Mixtape Take A Listen


Mali Nicole Sweet 16




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Coming Soon: Tiffany Boone

Coming Soon: Actress Tiffany Boone


Beautiful Creatures Tiffany Boone





Who is Tiffany Boone


If you have never heard the name Tiffany Boone,  you will very soon.  A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Tiffany is about to make a big splash in Hollywood.  Poised, beautiful, charismatic, and passionate about acting, Tiffany has all the ingredients to become a household, Hollywood name.


Bio:  Tiffany Boone was born and raised in Baltimore and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  She realized her love for acting at a very young age, beginning her training for acting in middle school.  She eventually went the Baltimore School for the Arts and trained in theater and then the California Institute of the Arts.  She has appeared in plays, TV shows, commercials and films.  She also plans to eventually pursue a degree in art therapy.  Tiffany took some time out of her busy schedule to interview with My Fabulous Style


1.) What got you interested in acting?  

I've always been interested in acting every since I was really small.  I decided to focus on acting when I was 11.  I started a after-school program and from that point on there was no turning back.  I think the freedom and the ability to turn into someone else and not have to focus on myself is what really got me started in it.  It's also kind of a group medium where you can be with a group of people and create something new.  Every since then I've been addicted.

 2.)  Can you tell me some of the background and training you've had for acting?

I went to the Baltimore Training School of the Arts in high school and trained in theater and acting which is where Jada Pinkett Smith went and Tupac went.  Then I went to the California Institute for the Arts and also trained in theater and acting and I got my degree from there so I've been acting for a very long time now. 

3.)  What has been one of the best moments you have had since becoming an actress?

The best moment I've had probably would be the moment I booked "Beautiful Creatures."  I made a goal for myself the night that Viola Davis won the SAG Award for "The Help"….I just decided I wanted to be in a movie with her, thinking there was no way it's going to happen.  Three weeks following that I auditioned for "Beautiful Creatures" and booked it!  To me it was like a dream coming true….so fast you never imagined that would happen to you.  "Beautiful Creatures has honestly been a blessing and a gift in my life."

4.)   You recently wrapped up production for the movie "Beautiful Creatures", can you tell me about the movie and your role in "Beautiful Creatures?"

"Beautiful Creatures" is based on a best-selling super-natural love story about a boy named Ethan who falls in love with a girl named Lena and she has special powers.  They have to overcome all these challenges to be together.  My character Savannah Snow is the daughter of the mayor of the small, Southern town.  She is a member of this "mean girls crew" called the "Cliches"and she is a part of this campaign to make Lena's life horrible.  They try to get her out of town and I'm a big part of making her life terrible (in the movie).

5.)  What advice would you give any young person who wants to pursue acting?  

I think my biggest thing is I think it's important to train.  A lot of actors or people who want to be actors worry about the business and go "Oh I'm just going to go to Hollywood and become a star!"  I really value the time to learn the craft and study the craft. It will make you stronger.  It will make you love what you are doing even when things gets really difficult and I think people recognize when you have trained.  You will actually walk into an audition room and feel confident in what you are doing.  Everything else you have to practice and rehearse and I think that is what young people need to focus on.   

6.)   Where do you see your career in five years?

I try not to set to many specifics because I want to just go with the flow and be open to anything.  I do know that I would LOVE to be still doing movies and doing projects that have some kind of social awareness.  I would love to be hopefully opening my foundation that I want to start for children to get healing through the arts.  That would be amazing!


It was a pleasure interviewing one of Hollywood's next rising stars.  She was a joy to speak with and you could tell from the excitement in her voice that she has a love and passion for acting.  Ms. Boone has a bright future ahead of her and be sure to check her out in "Beautiful Creatures" which hits theaters in February 2013.


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Celebrity Chat: Lauren Leonard Hot Fashion Design

Celebrity Chat: Lauren Leonard Hot Fashion Design



Designer Leona Leonard


Who is Lauren Leonard?

Lauren Leonard is the creative mind behind Leona. Her entrepreneurial spirit and adoration for fashion were recognized at an early age. She had an intuitive eye for fashion trend forecasting and loved to inform her family and friends of the next big fashion movement long before it appeared in stores. At 16, she began working in luxury fashion boutiques and quickly became a women’s buyer.


In college she decided to further pursue her fascination with fashion, and eventually she made the move from her deep southern roots to the bustling streets of New York City. While working in New York, her confidence in her vision grew as she excelled in the world of design.  Lauren took time out of her busy schedule to speak with My Fabulous Style


1.  How long have you been designing? What designing school did you attend?
I earned my degree from The University of Alabama
2. You are from the south, but have a New York flare, how do you keep your Southern influence yet having a New York inspiration?   
I am definitely southern, born and raised in Tuscaloosa AL. The southern inspiration is always evident in the color palettes and feminine touches. I have always felt a connection with New York and lived there for a short time. I visit several times a year. New York is definitely a part of me. 
3. Do you have a signature or theme that always influences your work?
The perfect blend of charm and allure will always be our signature. The sixties is my favorite era. In any given collection you can depend on mod influences. 
4. How do you continuously market your brand and keep your consumers coming back?
Style, quality and special appeal.
5. Where do you see yourself and your company brand in five year?
We will absolutely continue to expand on a more globally. Retail flagships will be a dream come true!
6. How would you describe your work in one word? Why?
 Passion because it is wonderfully consuming. 
7. How was it presenting your collection in Birmingham Fashion Week?
 Showing in Birmingham is like going back home to show my work to my family. It was wonderful. 
8.  What would you say is the secret sauce to being successful in the competitive fashion industry?What tips can you offer to any aspiring designer out there?
Natural Design Talent + unparalleled understanding of the business + unwavering drive to succeed + passion
for serving your customer 
9. Who would be your dream celebrity to design for?
Celebrities or The Girl Next door, they are all equally important to me.  I want to dress the girl that loves Leona! I must admit that Kelly Ripa would be pretty darn fabulous in a Leona dress!






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Celebrity Chat: Kendra On Top With We tv

Celebrity Chat: Kendra On Top With We TV 



Kendra On Top

Kendra has made a new move from E! to We tv and she is ready to take her fans on her new journey. The former Girl Next Door has already shared her journey from the Playboy mansion to motherhood and everything in between.  She is not shy when it comes to her life, including her struggles with becoming a mom, post-partum depression, tackling marriage and still maintaining her individuality. Kendra has come along way since the Girls Next Door and she took time out of her busy schedule to chat with My Fabulous Style.  Make sure you check out Kendra, Hank, and Hank IV, on Kendra On Top, starting tonight June 5, 2012 on WE


1. How do you balance your career, being a mom, and wife?

It’s all about making time even when you feel like there is no time to be made.  Sometimes you need to cut time off other parts of your life to make time for the important ones.  I would rather multitask on the way to a shoot and get to wake up with my son than loose that time with him in the morning or when I put him to bed at night. Hank and I always make time for date night or even if we can’t make it out to an actually date we make our own at the house.  We have movie night at the house or sometimes we just talk. Talking is key.


2. Your son Hank IV is so handsome and coming into his own.  How has motherhood changed your life?

Motherhood has changed my life in so many ways. It really shows you what matters in life and what doesn’t.  You let the small stuff kind of slide bc you see the bigger picture. My son is my number 1 now.  Nothing comes before him so that has definitely changed my life.


3. You and your husband Hank have a great connection and a good marriage. What advice would you give to other couples to try to keep a happy marriage?    

Communicate and laugh.  We laugh all the time, at each other, at jokes at anything we just laugh.  Also the key is just talking.  Seeing how each others day was, asking questions to things you might not have known about them before.  Hank and I have been married for a while now but we still have nights where we just stay up late and talk to each other and really learn about each other.


4. Being a celebrity couple, how do you and your husband deal with the pressures of the negative media that may come out about your marriage?

We don’t even pay attention to it.  The people close to us, our friends and family and of course us, we know the truth so none of the other stuff matters.  You get to the point where you can just laugh it off. We get it, our lives are on TV so the story has to continue to the weeklies and news shows that just comes with the job.  We don’t pay attention though.


5. Are you and Hef still close?

Oh ya!  Hef and I will always be friends and always stay close.  He’s a really good friend of mine and I know that won’t ever change.


6. Tell us three words that describe Kendra.

 Free Spirit, tomboy, mom and wife haha! Four!


7. What advice would you give to our readers who may be struggling through adversities.

Just know who you are in your heart and stay true to that.  Never give up and never give in.


8. You have a new show starting tonight June 5th, 2012 on WE called , "Kendra On Top." Can you tell our readers a little about what the show entails?

Now that my husband isn’t moving us around the country bc of football anymore you will really see a happy SETTLED family.  This show really goes behind the scenes of our family and our lives and lets you see that we are home and we are settled. It always should my next business ventures and what Hank is going to do with his career after football.  You will get to see the next chapter in our lives.


9. How will "Kendra on Top" differ from your show Kendra on E?

This is different bc before you saw us on the road and kind of catering to Hank’s career.  Now you get to see us at home, in our day to day lives and building our family. You will get to meet our friends, see people from our past you may know and really just get an overall look into our lives.




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