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Entrepreneurship can be a rewarding and self-fulfilling realism to anyone who is willing to put in the hard work and effort that it takes.  One such millionaire entrepreneur who did that is Mrs. Joyce Brown.  Joyce is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and happy mom who co-founded a company called EarthCare from scratch and turned it into an $125 million dollar publicly traded company within 18 months with a $10,000 dollar investment.  Mrs. Bone took the time out of her busy schedule to interview with My Fabulous Style about entrepreneurship, success, family, and what you can do to become a successful entrepreneur.


1.)  Can you tell me about your background and how you started the company Earth Care?  


I started the company with my former boss and we took the company from scratch to a $50,000,000 million dollar publicly traded company in 18 months.  When I started the company with my boss, I decided I wanted to go big.  I was at home with my first child, and my goal was to be a millionaire by the time I was thirty.  Some people are afraid of giving up equity in their company, but I needed to raise $50,000,000 dollars.   Earth care had grown from one employee to 350 .  After the success of the company, I ended up leaving and venturing into other business endeavors.  Once I left the company, I started a real-estate investment firm, Emerald Real Estate, LLC and now am working on building other business endeavors, speaking, and going back to school to get my Masters Degree.  


2.)  You’re a loving mother and wife.  How do you manage balancing a successful business and family?  


I tell my children that this is what mom has to do and let them know the benefits for them.  I am able to provide them the things they need and want.  My eldest son once let me know that he really appreciated the time we are able to spend together.  It is the little things that count.  I am able to do things with my children on my own terms and when they need me, I am able to be there.  I am not on anyone else’s clock.  There is great flexibility in being an entrepreneur and working for yourself.  When the children understand how my work benefits them, they are more than happy to let me do the things that being an entrepreneur requires.


3.)  What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business but is afraid?

Forget fear. You have to take action!  Reduce expenses that are hanging over your head so you don’t have that financial burden.  For example, I spoke with Michael Coles who started The Great American Cookie Company which he sold several years later for $100,000,000 million dollars. He told me that when he started, he drove a Mercedes and his wife drove a Jaguar.  In order to reduce debt, they both sold their cars and bought a Honda Civic which they shared.  Reduce expenses hanging over your head and face your fear.   You have to the cajones to take the necessary steps and just do it!


4).  In your book, you talk about the need to be financially independent even if you are married, can you elaborate on that concept?

I’m shocked at, especially, how some women don’t have a handle on their finances.  With the divorce rate at around 54%, you have to be able to provide for yourself and your family.  As far as fear, that would be one of the scariest things to not know.  You should know where you are financially.  


5.)  What advice would you give to someone who may have started a business and has had moderate success, but only has a limited budget for marketing?

Now is the best time in history for a small business to market themselves.  You have the ability to compete with the corporate big boys.  I get e-mails all the time from women who say they can’t market. I tell them to go to their local library and learn about marketing. I didn't’ know how to take a company public while I was sitting at home working with a baby,  but I did!  You can do social marketing, which could include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  You can also do fliers, webinars, seminars, interviews etc.  Like this interview that I am doing now, it is essentially still marketing.  


6.)  In your book, Millionaire Moms, you talk about leveraging your resources to finance a business.  What ways can someone leverage resources to finance their business?

Leveraging can be your time. For example, if you are a writer and you need a website, you can email a website designer and say, “Hey I can write content for your site in exchange for your designing  my site.  Another example is if you have home equity, you can have that as an asset in your business.  There are many ways you can leverage what you have in order to fund the growth of your business.


7.)  Of course, you know about mastermind groups.  Can you elaborate on how an entrepreneur can use mastermind groups to grow their business?

Mastermind groups are wonderful as well as networking.  There are many ways you can do mastermind groups or network.  You can do Facebook, LinkedIn or create your own.  One thing I recently noticed was that my professional inner circle began diminishing so I began to network again. Having influential contacts can play a vital role in the success of your business.

Mastermind groups, though, must be the right fit for you.  For instance, some stay-at-home moms in my neighborhood once asked me to participate in a mastermind group, which I did.   I realized, though, that I was not being challenged.  I needed to be challenged.  I was ahead of many of them, so I needed something that would help me grow and further myself.   It was good for socializing, but not for my business growth, so I didn't continue.  You need to surround yourself with people that are more advanced than you so you can continue to grow and learn from their advanced knowledge and expertise.


8.) Is there any final advice that you would like to share with our readers?

The entrepreneurial journey is a good thing and you have to build your self- confidence and grow from there.  You are the person who can embark on the entrepreneurial journey.  It takes courage, strength, and determination, but most of all action!  Do what is right for you at that time.  The difference between someone in Corporate America who may have lost their job and a successful entrepreneur who goes bankrupt is the entrepreneur won't let fear hold them back from starting another business.  It would be easy for the entrepreneur to crawl under a rock and say never again, but the successful entrepreneur knows they can start a business again and make it more successful  than the previous one, due to their knowledge and experience and understanding the obstacles from before.


Never accept failure.  Entrepreneurs don’t see failure.    We see obstacles that may have arisen and take it as something to learn and grow from.  Like a rock in water, the water may go around the rock, above the water, or on the sides, but it still flows.  Obstacles may come in business, but the business will still go on as long as you don’t give up and learn from your experiences.  It is a joy to be an entrepreneur, you are able to determine what you can do with your time.  


You can learn more about Mrs. Joyce Bone by checking out: It is a free entrepreneur website where successful women entrepreneurs share advice and tips to other women entrepreneurs who want to do the same.

You can purchase her wonderful book Millionaire Moms which gives a wealth of information, insights, and tips about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.



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Types of Funding For Your Business

Financing Your Business





Types of Business Funding


Starting a business is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.  Small business fuels the U.S.. economy and in order to keep and sustain growth, businesses must be able have access to positive cash flow.  Some business owners fret at the thought of applying for a bank loan and may not understand that there are several available financing options for your business.  Here are some available financing options:



SBA Loan- Small Business Association Loan


SBA Loans are loans which portions of the loan are guaranteed by the SBA. Many people steer clear of SBA loans because they think they are difficult to obtain and won't qualify for the loan.  Although they are not the easiest loans are harder to qualify,  the correct presentation of your business plays a heavy roll in getting this type of financing.  Having a competent company that have relationships with SBA lenders and can match your business with the right lender goes a long way


Business Term Loan


Business term loans are loans that allow a business to repay the loan over an extended period of time.  These loans can be attractive as they allow a business to pay a set amount of several year with the assumption that the business will profit over time.


Revenue Based Loan


Revenue Based Loans are loans that are based on the cash flow of your business.  These loans are attractive to businesses because credit plays little to no role in the amount of money your business may eligible for and generally are funded within days of approval.  For these loans, the business must be generating income and have high gross margins. These loans can range from $10,000 to $2,000,000 dollars or more.  




Crowdfunding is probably the best way to fund your business.  You virtually let the world know about your idea for a business or idea to expand your business and people who believe in your idea or cause donate.  Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have skyrocketed in popularity and $6 billion dollars is expected to have been funded in 2013 alone.  Anyone can put up an idea up and you generally have to offer some type of gift for the donation.  Having an experience crowd funding consulting can help you achieve your business financing goals.



Financing the growth of your business is one of the most important things you can do to continually sustain long term growth of your business. In today's tough economic times, banks are very hesitant in loaning money to businesses, especially new businesses.  To have better opportunities in obtaining any type of financing, it is important to have an experienced consultant that can match your needs.  



To Get The Financing You Need For Your Business, Click Here



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Expand Your Business With Funding

Business Funding To Expand Your Business




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Many business owners need cash to expand their business.  You may run a successful business but look to grow, but don't have access to that much needed cash.  You can use the extra cash to advertise, buy or create new products, or invest in yourself to expand your knowledge for your business.  With all the doom and gloom news, it can be easy to get discouraged, but fortunately, you have as a business owner have options!  Some of those options includes the following types of loans:


  • Corporate Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Revenue Based
  • Private Investors
  • Public Investors
  • SBA Loans

Often times it is hard to navigate this process and its not as simple as going to the bank and applying for a loan.  Often times, bankers will turn you down before you hit the bank door.  One way to navigate this process is to have the assistance of experienced agents who work directly with hundreds of banks and lending partners.  If you would like to expand your business and want professionals who know the business like the back of their hand, Check this out!






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Enterpreneur Success: Leo von Wendorff

Interview With Entrepreneur Leo von Wendorff





Leo von Wendorff obtained his Bachelor and Master of Business Administration at Chaminade University of Honolulu. After a successful career at General Motors, Wells Fargo and the Capital Group Companies, he started Virtual Knowledge Workers.


Leo was recently featured on the cover of Boston Globe Magazine, also appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and on CBS MoneyWatch about ways to scale your business quickly using time-saving outsourcing solutions.


Virtual Knowledge Workers are experts at providing virtual staffing solutions to help you grow your business.



 1.)  What inspired you to launch Virtual Knowledge Workers?


 I was working in corporate relocation. While I was in the office, I

still worked remotely. I relocated expats from one country to another. Yet,

I was only available via phone and email. My expats called me the Virtual

Leo. The most frequent question I got was how I looked like. I asked

General Motors and later Capital Group, my past employers, if they would be

willing to give me a webcam. The answer was no. That was ground zero for

VKW. Everything after that grew organically.


2.) You’re in the unusual position of helping a Filipino call center

open in the US.  Can you elaborate a bit on the development process for the

project and any unique challenges you’re encountered along the way?


It may sound like the world in reverse. Call centers are not a

driver for the US when it comes to job creation. The US is much stronger in

IT, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and other sectors. Just like you

would go to Germany to find a reliable engineer, or to China to find a

quant (someone who’s really good at math), or to the US to find a CFO, you

would go to the Philippines to find great call center agents. You’re

talking to the Philippines more often than you think you do. Aside from the

fact that the Philippines was once part of the US Commonwealth and that

American English is almost a national language, the culture also prides

itself in providing great service.


Prosperity is not a limited resource for which we have to get into a fight

over us versus them. Prosperity occurs when we work together. Doing

business with our allies is not a threat to our wealth but an opportunity

to create more wealth for both.


So yes, it's really unusual for a call center from the Philippines to setup

shop in the US. Our Filipino call center agents are now training our US

call center agents. We're not only hoping to re-create the same quality of

service but to grow both sides as they learn from each other. We've already

started merging them virtually. Because of the 12-hour time difference both

locations work their respective day-shifts.


3.) What are the key questions and concerns a company should be

considering when it comes to outsourcing?


  As a business leader, your job is to work “on” your company, not

“in” your company. Once you have a process, you can hand it off to someone

else. But as an entrepreneur, you don’t want to buy an employee or

time-sheets, you want to buy results. With VKW, entrepreneurs can focus on

the results, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


4.)  What are some of the steps that you’ve taken to ensure that

you’ve created a work-environment that promotes collaborative innovation

and individual responsibility?


  Oh, this is deeply rooted in an old Prussian military strategy

called Auftragstaktik (German), which was developed to defeat Napoleon. In

its simplest form, Auftragstaktik sets the goal but not the means.


Our VPAs have a wealth of resources available to them. The client sets the

goal and our VPAs achieve that goal with great independence. Our VPAs are

experienced workers: They are not 14 years old; so we treat them like the

adults they are. See, we expect from our VPAs to provide excellent service

to our clients. In turn, it’s only fair that VKW’s management team is an

excellent employer to them. VKW management services the VPA with all the

tools, training, and resources they need to accomplish the goal of

servicing their client. This also means that they can tap into their

co-workers for assistance to complete the task. This created a deep respect

among the co-workers and a sense of appreciation for the support they give

each other. We’ve also noticed that by doing this, they teach each other

new skills and bring everyone higher.


5.) Can you talk about the process of having your Virtual Private

Assistant chosen to be on MTV’s Real World?  What aspect are you most

excited about?


 Not sure what the show will be called. It’s a pilot for a new show.

It was more accidental. I’m acquainted with the main actor – can you call

reality-TV-actors actors? Anyway, he works out of the same office as I do.

We occasionally had a drink together. And then one day he approached me

with the idea. I asked one of my VPAs, who has acting experience if she

would be willing… the next thing I knew, she was chatting with the MTV

producer via Skype.



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3 Top Free Affiliate Programs

Top Affiliate Programs




Reliable Affiliate Programs


An affiliate is someone who refers a customer to recommended goods or services and gets a cut the profits if there is a sale or someone signs up for an offer.  This model is often used in many aspects of business, but many people don't think of it in those terms.  For example, a financial broker gets a cut of a loan if a business gets approved or a car salesman getting a percentage of a sale when he sales a car.  Those are forms of affiliate marketing.  


The internet has made it easy for the average, everyday Joe to become an affiliate, but some programs can be unreliable with payments.  You shouldn't have to pay to become an affiliate, although some programs will charge you an upfront fee for materials or product.  If you are interested in starting to promote products and don't want to have to fork out cash, we have came up with a list of  of the top affiliate programs that have great reputations, longevity.


  1. ClickbankThis is the best online place that offers the sale of of Digital Products.  Clickbank handles all payments and they have been in business for years and are reliable when it comes to getting paid.  All you have to do is sign up for their affiliate program and you can be on your way to promoting today. Click Here to Sign Up
  2. 500 AffiliatesThis is a top rated Forex Affiliate Program.  You can refer people who want to trade forex.  They have a revenue sharing program where you can make money from the profits of a referral.  You are assigned an affiliate manager and given promotional tools.  It is free to sign up and you can begin promoting today.  Click Here to Sign Up
  3. Business Finance AgentYou can get paid for referring people who have an existing business or someone seeking finances to start a business.  You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how much the person qualifies for.  It is easy to sign up and you get an account manager.  Click Here to Sign Up


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