Celebrity Chat: Kendra On Top With We TV 



Kendra On Top

Kendra has made a new move from E! to We tv and she is ready to take her fans on her new journey. The former Girl Next Door has already shared her journey from the Playboy mansion to motherhood and everything in between.  She is not shy when it comes to her life, including her struggles with becoming a mom, post-partum depression, tackling marriage and still maintaining her individuality. Kendra has come along way since the Girls Next Door and she took time out of her busy schedule to chat with My Fabulous Style.  Make sure you check out Kendra, Hank, and Hank IV, on Kendra On Top, starting tonight June 5, 2012 on WE


1. How do you balance your career, being a mom, and wife?

It’s all about making time even when you feel like there is no time to be made.  Sometimes you need to cut time off other parts of your life to make time for the important ones.  I would rather multitask on the way to a shoot and get to wake up with my son than loose that time with him in the morning or when I put him to bed at night. Hank and I always make time for date night or even if we can’t make it out to an actually date we make our own at the house.  We have movie night at the house or sometimes we just talk. Talking is key.


2. Your son Hank IV is so handsome and coming into his own.  How has motherhood changed your life?

Motherhood has changed my life in so many ways. It really shows you what matters in life and what doesn’t.  You let the small stuff kind of slide bc you see the bigger picture. My son is my number 1 now.  Nothing comes before him so that has definitely changed my life.


3. You and your husband Hank have a great connection and a good marriage. What advice would you give to other couples to try to keep a happy marriage?    

Communicate and laugh.  We laugh all the time, at each other, at jokes at anything we just laugh.  Also the key is just talking.  Seeing how each others day was, asking questions to things you might not have known about them before.  Hank and I have been married for a while now but we still have nights where we just stay up late and talk to each other and really learn about each other.


4. Being a celebrity couple, how do you and your husband deal with the pressures of the negative media that may come out about your marriage?

We don’t even pay attention to it.  The people close to us, our friends and family and of course us, we know the truth so none of the other stuff matters.  You get to the point where you can just laugh it off. We get it, our lives are on TV so the story has to continue to the weeklies and news shows that just comes with the job.  We don’t pay attention though.


5. Are you and Hef still close?

Oh ya!  Hef and I will always be friends and always stay close.  He’s a really good friend of mine and I know that won’t ever change.


6. Tell us three words that describe Kendra.

 Free Spirit, tomboy, mom and wife haha! Four!


7. What advice would you give to our readers who may be struggling through adversities.

Just know who you are in your heart and stay true to that.  Never give up and never give in.


8. You have a new show starting tonight June 5th, 2012 on WE called , "Kendra On Top." Can you tell our readers a little about what the show entails?

Now that my husband isn’t moving us around the country bc of football anymore you will really see a happy SETTLED family.  This show really goes behind the scenes of our family and our lives and lets you see that we are home and we are settled. It always should my next business ventures and what Hank is going to do with his career after football.  You will get to see the next chapter in our lives.


9. How will "Kendra on Top" differ from your show Kendra on E?

This is different bc before you saw us on the road and kind of catering to Hank’s career.  Now you get to see us at home, in our day to day lives and building our family. You will get to meet our friends, see people from our past you may know and really just get an overall look into our lives.