Celebrity Chat: Lauren Leonard Hot Fashion Design



Designer Leona Leonard


Who is Lauren Leonard?

Lauren Leonard is the creative mind behind Leona. Her entrepreneurial spirit and adoration for fashion were recognized at an early age. She had an intuitive eye for fashion trend forecasting and loved to inform her family and friends of the next big fashion movement long before it appeared in stores. At 16, she began working in luxury fashion boutiques and quickly became a women’s buyer.


In college she decided to further pursue her fascination with fashion, and eventually she made the move from her deep southern roots to the bustling streets of New York City. While working in New York, her confidence in her vision grew as she excelled in the world of design.  Lauren took time out of her busy schedule to speak with My Fabulous Style


1.  How long have you been designing? What designing school did you attend?
I earned my degree from The University of Alabama
2. You are from the south, but have a New York flare, how do you keep your Southern influence yet having a New York inspiration?   
I am definitely southern, born and raised in Tuscaloosa AL. The southern inspiration is always evident in the color palettes and feminine touches. I have always felt a connection with New York and lived there for a short time. I visit several times a year. New York is definitely a part of me. 
3. Do you have a signature or theme that always influences your work?
The perfect blend of charm and allure will always be our signature. The sixties is my favorite era. In any given collection you can depend on mod influences. 
4. How do you continuously market your brand and keep your consumers coming back?
Style, quality and special appeal.
5. Where do you see yourself and your company brand in five year?
We will absolutely continue to expand on a more globally. Retail flagships will be a dream come true!
6. How would you describe your work in one word? Why?
 Passion because it is wonderfully consuming. 
7. How was it presenting your collection in Birmingham Fashion Week?
 Showing in Birmingham is like going back home to show my work to my family. It was wonderful. 
8.  What would you say is the secret sauce to being successful in the competitive fashion industry?What tips can you offer to any aspiring designer out there?
Natural Design Talent + unparalleled understanding of the business + unwavering drive to succeed + passion
for serving your customer 
9. Who would be your dream celebrity to design for?
Celebrities or The Girl Next door, they are all equally important to me.  I want to dress the girl that loves Leona! I must admit that Kelly Ripa would be pretty darn fabulous in a Leona dress!