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Meet Mali Nicole a young singer who first gained fame as a Top-30 finalist on Fox's hit show the X-Factor. Mali is a 16 year-old solo artist with undeniable talent that she is ready to share with the world. We got a chance to chat with Mali about her life, music, and her journey to success. She recently released her "Sweet Sixteen" mixtape which featured her favorite cover songs that were popular around her 16th birthday.


1.  How long have you been interested in becoming a singer/artist?

*As long as I can remember!*


2. You were on the show X-Factor. In what ways did the experience help you
with your career?

*It taught me how to manage my time and how to stay prepared for anything.
I've grown from this experience and being able to hear constructive
criticism from incredible judges was such an honor.*


3. What artist past or present inspires you?

*My inspirations are Beyonce and Michael Jackson. I love their stage
presence and hard work.*


4. You are a young singer/artist. How do you handle the pressure that comes
with your career?

*I'm able to balance my career and other things because I created a
schedule for myself to organize my leisure time. Also, I love doing what I
do so the pressure doesn't bother me. It actually helps to keep me focused.*


5. Are you currently working on any new projects?
*Yes I am. Right now, I'm in the studio working on my debut album. I'm
putting a lot of work into it. I even co-wrote! It will be dropping soon so
stay tuned.*


6. You have an eye for fashion. Do you have a certain style you like? Do
you have a certain brand or designer that you love to wear?

*I like to stand out when I dress up. I would say my style is somewhat like
a 70s/80s look. I like to wear a lot of different colors with a bunch of
accessories and I love makeup.*




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