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Who is Tiffany Boone


If you have never heard the name Tiffany Boone,  you will very soon.  A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Tiffany is about to make a big splash in Hollywood.  Poised, beautiful, charismatic, and passionate about acting, Tiffany has all the ingredients to become a household, Hollywood name.


Bio:  Tiffany Boone was born and raised in Baltimore and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  She realized her love for acting at a very young age, beginning her training for acting in middle school.  She eventually went the Baltimore School for the Arts and trained in theater and then the California Institute of the Arts.  She has appeared in plays, TV shows, commercials and films.  She also plans to eventually pursue a degree in art therapy.  Tiffany took some time out of her busy schedule to interview with My Fabulous Style


1.) What got you interested in acting?  

I've always been interested in acting every since I was really small.  I decided to focus on acting when I was 11.  I started a after-school program and from that point on there was no turning back.  I think the freedom and the ability to turn into someone else and not have to focus on myself is what really got me started in it.  It's also kind of a group medium where you can be with a group of people and create something new.  Every since then I've been addicted.

 2.)  Can you tell me some of the background and training you've had for acting?

I went to the Baltimore Training School of the Arts in high school and trained in theater and acting which is where Jada Pinkett Smith went and Tupac went.  Then I went to the California Institute for the Arts and also trained in theater and acting and I got my degree from there so I've been acting for a very long time now. 

3.)  What has been one of the best moments you have had since becoming an actress?

The best moment I've had probably would be the moment I booked "Beautiful Creatures."  I made a goal for myself the night that Viola Davis won the SAG Award for "The Help"….I just decided I wanted to be in a movie with her, thinking there was no way it's going to happen.  Three weeks following that I auditioned for "Beautiful Creatures" and booked it!  To me it was like a dream coming true….so fast you never imagined that would happen to you.  "Beautiful Creatures has honestly been a blessing and a gift in my life."

4.)   You recently wrapped up production for the movie "Beautiful Creatures", can you tell me about the movie and your role in "Beautiful Creatures?"

"Beautiful Creatures" is based on a best-selling super-natural love story about a boy named Ethan who falls in love with a girl named Lena and she has special powers.  They have to overcome all these challenges to be together.  My character Savannah Snow is the daughter of the mayor of the small, Southern town.  She is a member of this "mean girls crew" called the "Cliches"and she is a part of this campaign to make Lena's life horrible.  They try to get her out of town and I'm a big part of making her life terrible (in the movie).

5.)  What advice would you give any young person who wants to pursue acting?  

I think my biggest thing is I think it's important to train.  A lot of actors or people who want to be actors worry about the business and go "Oh I'm just going to go to Hollywood and become a star!"  I really value the time to learn the craft and study the craft. It will make you stronger.  It will make you love what you are doing even when things gets really difficult and I think people recognize when you have trained.  You will actually walk into an audition room and feel confident in what you are doing.  Everything else you have to practice and rehearse and I think that is what young people need to focus on.   

6.)   Where do you see your career in five years?

I try not to set to many specifics because I want to just go with the flow and be open to anything.  I do know that I would LOVE to be still doing movies and doing projects that have some kind of social awareness.  I would love to be hopefully opening my foundation that I want to start for children to get healing through the arts.  That would be amazing!


It was a pleasure interviewing one of Hollywood's next rising stars.  She was a joy to speak with and you could tell from the excitement in her voice that she has a love and passion for acting.  Ms. Boone has a bright future ahead of her and be sure to check her out in "Beautiful Creatures" which hits theaters in February 2013.


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