Diamond Dog Food Sickening People With Salmonella In At Least Nine States

Diamond Dog Food Sickening People With Salmonella In At Least Nine States





Fourteen people, in as many as nine states, have become ill after coming in contact with dog food contaminated with salmonella.   Federal officials said Friday, the contaminated dog food was produced by Diamond Dog Foods Gaston, South Carolina plant.   In 2005, the same plant in question, produced food infected by toxic mold (aflatoxin) that caused the deaths of dogs only a few years ago. The Food and Drug Administration concluded the deadly fungus likely got into the the plant when it failed to test 12 shipments of corn.  The company offered settlement of $3.1 million dollars.  In the current issue, so far, at least five people have been hospitalized due to the dog food, according to The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  According to the Meta, Missouri based company, no pets have been affected.


Lola Russell, a spokesperson for the CDC, said "People who became ill, the thing that was common among them was that they had fed their pets Diamond Pet Foods."  The CDC said the following state have been infected:





New Jersey-1




North Carolina- 3



Russell said, " Our folks are really wanting people to be aware of it.  They want people to be aware that this is causing people to get sick because they may have product in their homes.  For every one that is reported there may be 29 others."  Health officials said, people can get salmonella if they handle contaminated dog food and don't wash their hands before handling their own food. The plant in South Carolina was temporarily shut down April 8th.  Diamond Pet Foods has announced four rounds of recalls, the latest recalls came Friday for et food made at the plant during December 9, 2011 and April 7,2012.


The recalls included several brands of pet food made at the South Carolina plant, including Taste of the Wild, 4Health, Professional, Premium Edge, Diamond Naturals, Country Value, Diamond, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, Apex, Kirkland, Natural Balance, and Canidae. The company said in a written statement issued Friday, "We took corrective actions at the plant, and today it is up and running.  Our mission is to produce safe pet foods for our customers and their pets in all Diamond facilities."


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Hugh Hefner Turns 86 And Still Bangin With Bunnies

Hugh Hefner Turns 86 And Still Bangin With Bunnies 



What man gets to spend his birthday and Easter with gorgeous bunnies?  The one and only Hugh Hefner of course!  Today, is officially Hefner's 86th birthday, but he had a fabulous weekend filled with plenty of fun.


The Playboy founder kicked off the weekend Friday night hosting his annual birthday celebration at Casablanca Night, setting the mood to his favorite movie of all time. There was a cake recreating a scene from the movie with Bacall and Hef as Bogart and of course everybody watched Casablanca. The celebration continued Saturday night with another cake with a picture of Hef and his current "bunnies" Shera Bechard, Anna Berglund, and Trisha Frick. 


The weekend concluded with Hef's annual Easter party. Although the Playboy Mansion has it's own private zoo, Hef loves animals.  On Easter, he brings baby animals for a petting zoo.  Sounds like Hef had a blast! Happy birthday Mr. Hefner!



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Mo’Nique Losing Herself But Working It Out

Mo'Nique Losing Herself But Working It Out


Since The Monique Show was canceled last July, the host/comedian has stayed in the gym working out and staying healthy.  Mo'Nique started sharing her weight loss journey while the show was airing on BET telling her viewers "I want to get to 180," she told audience members during the premier season of her show. "That's an amazing weight for me. I'm still a thick girl but it's a healthy weight."




Mo'Nique initially shed 45 pounds, going from a weight of 262 to 217.  Recently, she has been taking to twitter, sharing her workout regimen and encouraging others to do the same. 


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Alicia Keys Gets Emotional Performing at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Alicia Keys Gets Emotional Performing at Whitney Houston's Funeral



Alicia Keys performed at Whitney Houston's funeral.  It was heart-felt and emotional.  She fought back tears during her singing rendition  of "Send Me An Angel."  Before singing, she recalled memories of Whitney Houston saying:


"she was a beautiful human being…really, really, caring".  She continued, "She's an angel to us, and she's been an angel to us".


Watch Alecia Keys sing Send Me Angel:



What did you think of the perfomance?



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R. Kelly sang "I Look To You" At Whitney Houston's Funeral


R. Kelly sang ‘I Look To You’ at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

R. Kelly sang 'I Look To You' at Whitney Houston's Funeral




R. Kelly sang a beautiful redention of  "I Look to You", a song written by the singer.  It is featured on Whitney's album of the same name .  He sang with the help of a choir and brought the church to its feet.  Kelly held back tears pushed through, emotionally.  At the end of the emotional performance he said "We love you, Whitney! Rest in Peace."


Watch R. Kelly's Emotional Rendition of "I Look to You"




What do you think of the performance?


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Whitney Houston Funeral Updates

Whitney Houston Update



Whitney Houston will be laid to rest next to her father after her funeral is held at the New Hope Baptist Church in New Wark, NJ. at 12 E.S.T  There will be no processional from the Whigham Funeral Home which is where her body is currently housed.  



The family will be having a private viewing at the funeral home tomorrow.  The viewing is by invite only.  They wanted to keep it this way to have a private moment before all the cameras get involved.  Bobbi Kristina will be in attendance.  This will be her first time seing her mother since she passed away.



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Flags will fly at half-staff in honor of Whitney, which Governor Chris Christie recieved criticism and he vigarisously defended.  There are a slew of high-profile celebrities expected some of which include Oprah, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Brandy, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Kevin Costner, Elton John & David Bowie.


Bobby Brown's status of attending the funeral is still unclear at this point, but he is set to perform ,after Whitney's burial ,with New Edition at the Sun Indian Casino on Saturday night at 8 p.m. E.S.T



Update:  Bobby Brown was officially invited.  According to TMZ, they finally invited him because they feel it would keep the peace.  Even though some family members don't want him there, Bobby Brown will be in attendance.



Update: TMZ obtained the official invite to the Whitney Houston funeral.  It is referred to as "The Home-Going" of Whitney Houston, which is common in the African-American community.  It is more of a celebration of the person 'going home to the Lord' and a celebration of their life.    The funeral will be held at the New Hope Baptist Church presided by Marvin Winans at 12 p.m. E.S.T.

                                                                                                   Photo: Courtesy of TMZ


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Oprah Invited to Whitney Houston Funeral

Oprah Invited to Whitney Houston Funeral






Oprah has been invited to attend Whitney Houston's Funeral on Saturday in Newark, NJ.  


The church, where the funeral will be held, can only hold 300 people and the family is being very keen on who will be selected to attend.  Other celebs who are expected are Stevie Wander, Chaka Khan, Kevin Costner, Dione Warwick, Aretha Franklin.


No word as of yet if the Big O is going to attend, but the family is hopeful.


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Watch Oprah Interview Whitney Houston in 2009




Update:  Sources who are said to be close to the family and familiar with the guest list are reporting that Sir Elton John, Sir David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z & Beyonce, are said to be in attendance.  All celebrity guest are said to be offered police escorts and the church will be blocked off a 6 square block around the church.


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Victoria Beckham: Don’t Need the Golden Ticket, I Have the Golden Balls

Victoria Beckham: Don't Need the Golden Ticket, I Have the Golden Balls


After conquering 2012 Fashion Week in NYC, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham had a little fun in the Big Apple.


Victoria posed under her hubbies massive H & M billboard to show she has taken Now York Fashion Week by the "balls".  


David Beckham posted a photo on Facebook of Vicky B. well showing he's so proud. :)




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He wrote on Facebook:  So proud of my wife taking #NYFW by the balls.


What do you think?


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