Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe




Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!  Today would mark the 86th birthday of the bombshell who made being blond iconic.  Marilyn, born Norma Jean Baker, was a actress, model, and singer who could easily be called America's first major "sex symbol."  Even though she had a larger than life persona, many described her as a shy, somewhat wounded soul, yearning to be accepted in a world that only looked at her for what she looked like.  She passed away on August 5, 1962.  Her death was deemed a "probable suicide", but murder and accidental overdose have never been ruled out.  Many conspiracies exist about what may have happened to the great Marilyn!  May she rest in peace.  






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Whitney Houston Funeral Updates

Whitney Houston Update



Whitney Houston will be laid to rest next to her father after her funeral is held at the New Hope Baptist Church in New Wark, NJ. at 12 E.S.T  There will be no processional from the Whigham Funeral Home which is where her body is currently housed.  



The family will be having a private viewing at the funeral home tomorrow.  The viewing is by invite only.  They wanted to keep it this way to have a private moment before all the cameras get involved.  Bobbi Kristina will be in attendance.  This will be her first time seing her mother since she passed away.



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Flags will fly at half-staff in honor of Whitney, which Governor Chris Christie recieved criticism and he vigarisously defended.  There are a slew of high-profile celebrities expected some of which include Oprah, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Brandy, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Kevin Costner, Elton John & David Bowie.


Bobby Brown's status of attending the funeral is still unclear at this point, but he is set to perform ,after Whitney's burial ,with New Edition at the Sun Indian Casino on Saturday night at 8 p.m. E.S.T



Update:  Bobby Brown was officially invited.  According to TMZ, they finally invited him because they feel it would keep the peace.  Even though some family members don't want him there, Bobby Brown will be in attendance.



Update: TMZ obtained the official invite to the Whitney Houston funeral.  It is referred to as "The Home-Going" of Whitney Houston, which is common in the African-American community.  It is more of a celebration of the person 'going home to the Lord' and a celebration of their life.    The funeral will be held at the New Hope Baptist Church presided by Marvin Winans at 12 p.m. E.S.T.

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