Rio DeJaneiro Bikini Baby Fashion Show 2012

Rio DeJaneiro Bikini Baby Fashion Show 2012


Just how many variations can you spin off the marvel of simplicity that is the bikini?

Judging by the options on spectacular display at FashionRio, the Marvelous City's five-day-long summer 2013 fashion extravaganza, the options are endless.

Fancy pairing your string bikini top with spandex pants hung with rows of seductively dangling fringe, which provide so much more coverage than the country's traditional "fio dental" or "dental floss" bottoms? Rio's got just the thing for you.

Toying with the idea of kitting out your two-piece with a chain mail sheath emblazoned with a palm tree? Look no further.

Bikinis are Brazilian designers' bread and butter, so while their winter collections tend to fall flat, with half-hearted attempts at outerwear, summer reliably sizzles. And the southern hemisphere summer collections that will hit the beach this coming January were no exception.

Sao Paulo-based label Triya served up the season's most eye-popping options, a psychedelic rainbow that broke the beachwear mold. Beyond the fringed pant bikini, the brand's brainchild, were tiny bottoms paired with long sleeve spandex tops cropped short to show off the models' abs and a zebra-printed bandeau top that sprouted an ankle length skirt in aubergine silk with a bold slit up one side.

Swimsuits more in name than in function, many of Triya's offerings looked like what you might wear to an ultra-chic beachside rave thrown by a billionaire. Putting aside the inevitable inconveniences of wearing a flowing silk ball gown to the beach, the only drawback to the wildly creative offerings were the bizarre tan lines they'd be sure to leave.

Cia. Maritima brought out the big guns – Victoria's Secret angel Izabel Goulart among other Brazilian-born supermodels – to show off its teeny-weeny bikinis. Goulart rocked the catwalk in a leopard print string bikini fitted with a sexy spider's web of thin yellow straps. Aline Weber, a regular on top runways in New York and Paris, worked a one-piece with cute cap sleeves and bold cutouts at the midriff. The pineapple prints gave a mouthwateringly tropical touch to the toothsome collection.

Va-va-voom one-pieces emerged as major winners here, with just about everyone who is anyone in Brazilian swimwear sending out variations on the vampish maillot. Top high-street beachwear label Blue Man sent out white swimsuits decidedly not made for anyone's grandma, with how-low-can-you-go V necks. And a strapless one-piece had hiplines that started at just under the bust, the whole seemingly precarious contraption held, one can only hope, in place by a low-slung belt.

Lenny, Brazil's reigning queen of patrician swimwear, served up racerback tanks that looked like they'd been tagged by a Rio graffiti artist and bikinis whose fuller coverage was undermined by a cat claw of strategically placed slashes. Paired with the bikini tops, the short, flippy skirts would make for the perfect transition from the sands of Ipanema to cocktail hour at the beachfront Hotel Fasano, among Rio's chicest and most expensive.

A raucous, theatrical show by streetwear label Reserva wrapped up FashionRio in style late Saturday.

Models of all ages, from toddlers to septuagenarians, and several ethnicities frolicked, skipped and breakdanced on a catwalk strewn, like a sprawling bourgeois home, with couches and armchairs and an oversized dining room table. The soundtrack pumped as the models sat down for a family lunch and then boogied over the photographers' pit to pull off their best dance moves in front of the snapping flashbulbs.

With its preppy multi-ethnic family vibe, the show had a sort of Abercrombie & Fitch thing going, but at the same time felt more authentically Brazilian than many of the week's other shows, most of which featured just a sprinkling of nonwhite models.




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Eva Mendes graces the cover of Marie Claire July 2012.  The 38-year-old Hollywood actress shows that she still got it as she flaunts her curves in front of the camera.  In the magazine, Eva spoke about working with current beau, Ryan Gosseling, calling it a "dream". The pair met on the set of "The Place Beyond The Pines" last year. She says he is a dream co-star and felt creatively satified on film.  She also discusses her body .  She says:


"It doesn’t matter what you have or what you look like. It’s something everyone has to work at. I realize I have contributed to a certain happy, healthy, empowered image, but that’s not all of me,' she says.
'I feel it’s important to let women know that I have similar struggles. What I tell girls is what they don’t like about themselves now, they will probably end up loving as an adult, because that’s what happened to me.  'When I am complimented on things that I didn’t like when I was 13, like my overbite and my mole, that’s when you realize that your imperfections are why people love you."


Happy Memorial Day From My Fabulous Style

Happy Memorial Day From My Fabulous Style




My Fabulous Style would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day.  We would like to salute out troops and Veterans and thank each and everyone of them who have served, are serving and plan to serve.  Without your service, we would not be able to celebrate the freedoms we so get to enjoy each and everyday.We appreciate you and salute you for all you do!  God Bless you and your family!



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Making New Friends: Winning Friends & Gaining Respect

Making New Friends: Winning Friends & Gaining Respect




Having friends can you can trust and count on can be a health benefit as well as a social benefit.  Many people don't think of friends like this but if you do, it can help you cherish and make the friendships you already have, even better.  Having someone to call when you need to talk, someone to lean on when you are feeling down, or someone to comfort you in a time of need; that is what a true friend is!  The question, though, is if you don't have those kinds of friends, how do you find them and best of all, how do you know you can trust them once you do.


To make friends, there are some things that you can do to make new friends and here are a few tips that will help you do just that:


1)  If you are mom, join an organization such as your daughter's girl scout or even a PTA.  This way you can meet with  other mother and get to know people.  You can establish functions, mother days, and quickly learn about other mothers.


2)   If you are more of the clubbing type, go to a local bar or club.  This will not be the easiest group to just meet as a friend, but if you try to meet others like-minded, it could happen.  You should probably look for other that you feel you could relate to and doesn't seem to apprehensive.  If you don't get the vibe the first time someone is susceptible, then you may have to try again.


3)  Volunteer.  There is no one program short of volunteers. If you volunteer, you will surely meet other who volunteer and you will all have the same common goal.  That is something to build off of.  The more you see the same people when you volunteer the more communication you share and the more chances you can figure out times to get together and hang out.  


4)   This may seems clique, but having a job exposes you to friends.  You are going to see the same people at work. Develop a working relationship with your co-workers.  She can get the vibe of who will mix well with you and who you should keep your distance from.  You don't need and don't want the drama at work, so use you logic.  People always want someone to talk to about something at work so this would be a great place find friends.


5)  Form a group such as a sport craft or art group.  Groups with common interest are always a great way to find relatable people as the common interest makes it easy to start conversations.


In any situation of trying to make friends, it is important to take little steps in doing so.  You do want to see over-bearing.  Start conversations with something you are interested in or something you know they are interested in.  From there, communication can go forward naturally.  If you start to get nervous, it of course, will get  awkward so just be yourself and be natural.  Find out what the person likes and tell them what you like.  Compliment them about something you like that they may have on.  Ask them about where they grew up or What do they do?  After you ask more question, they will lead you to more and more conversation.  Be sure to always smile and its great to add humor.  Well this was just a few tips to get you started into making friends.  Hope it can help you on your road to finding your own best friend.


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Fabulous Ways to Put On Angelina Jolie Makeup

Fabulous Ways To Wear Makeup Like Angelina Jolie




Angelina Jolie has one of the most arguably beautiful faces on the planet.  As you may see, Angelina wears very light make-up, focusing mainly on her eyes and lips.  Her beauty has become more of a simple, classic, goddess like look.  She is known for her beautiful eyes and pouty lips so if you want make-up like Angelina's you want to accentuate the eyes and lips.






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Model of the Month- Alexandra Abercrombie

Model of the Month- Alexandra Abercrombie 


Alexandra Abercrombie

Model of the Month- Alexandra Abercrombie 



Our Model of the Month is Alexandra Abercrombie.  She is taking  the modeling world by storm!  We had a chance to catch up with her during her busy schedule of go-see and casting calls:

1)    Who is Alexandra Abercrombie?
I'm a girl that has big dreams. A girl that realizes that nothing comes easy and is willing to do the work to achieve my goals. I am also a typical teenager that enjoys being with my friends and my family. I just graduated from High School and moved to Los Angeles a month ago. This allows me to be available to go on castings and work on a daily basis.
2)    Why this choice to become model?
Since I was a little girl I'd always get stopped in grocery stores, the mall, wherever I was at and asked if I was a model. So finally when I was 16, my mom took me into an open-call in an agency and that is where it all started. Plus it helped that I grew tall as the years went on:)
3) Typical day in the life of a model:
Not as glamorous as you might think. But typically lots of castings, lots of driving around to get to them at specific times to be seen for 5 mins. get the job is amazing! Hair and make-up for about 2 hours and then the shooting begins. So much fun but also hard work!
4)  Your best memory in front the lens:
Shooting with photographer Jack Guy, he is very experienced so in that little time frame I learned so much. How to best hold my body, face for the best pictures. He was also a model so he was extremely helpful.
5)   Do you have some models for inspiration?
So many amazing models in the world. All inspirations to me. I feel like a sponge sometimes. Always looking at pictures that inspire me and always wanting to better myself. I think at this moment the model that stands out in my mind is Natalia Vodianova. I get lost in the expression in her eyes. So beautiful!
6)   With what photographer do you dream to work?
Russell James, Mario Testino, Paolo Roversi and I'm always discovering amazing photographers on a daily basis…but you said to dream right? :)
7)   How do you see your future?
I see myself getting smarter with a college education so I can be successful in whatever path God has for me. I do want to continue modeling as long as clients are still interested in me. I also want to act  so I'm working on positioning myself for this. Modeling takes hard work as well as a little bit of luck in being in the right place at the right time.So I will do my part and work hard and keep my fingers crossed for luck.
8)   Where do you want to work in the future, for you where is the most important place for fashion?
I have so many dream jobs but I can't help to look at the windows of stores like Guess and Victoria Secret. Guess models are similar to the way I look so a Guess campaign would be a dream come true! New York City, Paris, Milan are the places I hope to work!
9)  Name a few modeling jobs that you have worked?  
I'm a new model with only having exactly one year of experience.I've shot for so many local designers but big names that you would recognize is Nike, BeBe, ESPN, Mac Cosmetics. All the jobs are so different and whether they are big names or not they all are so much fun and teach me so much.
We would like to thank Alexandra and we wish her much success on her rising career.  If you would like to book Alexandra, please visit her agency Next Model Management.
Model of the Month




Christiane King: Celebrity Chat With Christiane King

Christiane King: Celebrity Chat With Christiane King


Christiane King


In the competitive world of fashion, designer Christiane King is one to watch.  She was born in the Cote d’lvorie ( The Ivory Coast) where she earned a Bachelors Degree in International Trade in the city of Abidjan, but she quickly realized she was more drawn to fashion.  The opportunity presented itself for her to participate in the very popular reality show Project Runway. We had a chance to catch up with Christiane and ask her a few questions:


1)  How long have you been designing?

I have been designing professionally for about 6 years ever since graduating with a B.A. from Woodbury University in Los Angeles.


2)   What designers from past or present influence your work?  Did design come naturally to you?

The designers who have been influential in my life are Yves Saint Laurent for his tailored looks and John Paul Gaultier for his use of bright colors. Both designers have completely different styles, but have greatly impacted my creative thinking and artistic ability to make unique designs.


3)   Your work is incredible.  For those who may not know, you were chosen for “Project Runway”.  How did that make you feel?  How would you say being on “Project Runway” changed your life?

Being on Project Runway was definitely a very interesting experience. Although the outcome was unexpected and not as favorable as I wanted it to be, the experience of being on the show gave me the opportunity to grow and expand in many directions. It allowed me to share my vision and creative sense with others in a global way. I learned so much in regards to who I am as a designer and how I can give back to others through fashion. Through that experience, I also learned to believe in myself regardless of any criticisms and keep moving forward.


4)   You design for celebrities.  Have you always wanted to design for celebrities?  Can you name some of the celebrities you have designed for?

It’s always an honor to have a celebrity wear one of my dresses to a well-publicized event. It gives the brand some great exposure. Some of the celebrities that have worn my designs so far are Ashley Tisdale, Teri Hatcher, Lisa Raye, and Shaun Robinson.


5)  Where do you see yourself and your company brand in five year?

I would like to see my label become a household name throughout generations and continue to create designs that are in tune with women’s wardrobe needs.


6)  What do you use for inspiration on each design?  (e.g. environment, current fads)

I truly enjoy nature and I draw a great deal of my inspiration from the outdoors. But the woman’s body is my greatest inspiration.


7)   Do you have a certain element that's signature to all your designs?

My signature look is a piece that embodies three characteristics: Feminine, flirty with an organic twist. I definitely like a “girly” look and flowers really speak to me right now.  So you’re most likely to see a ruffled or flower-inspired piece in most of my collections.


8)  We would like to offer a bit of advice to our audience who may be aspiring to pursue a career in design.  What tips can you offer to any aspiring designer out there?

First and foremost, I think it is really important for anyone who chooses to become a fashion designer to be passionate about this field. The fashion business is very competitive and cutthroat. It is not all the glitz and glamour it is often made to look like, but instead it is a lot of hard work. You also have to be able to build a tough skin to filter through all the criticism (good or bad) that you will receive throughout your career. Be persistent and believe in your self, never give up and never forget who you are!


For more information about Christiane King and her designs visit her official website at







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Common Signs of Stress

Physical Signs of Stress





Common Signs of Stress

Stress, we all have it…but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes it can hit you and you don't even realize it the common signs of stress.  You may feel like the signs and symptoms of stress is just a feeling, but it can actually harm your health.   The physical signs of stress can vary from person to person, so  pay close attention to what your body may be telling you.  Here are a few ways to tell if you may be stressed:


1. Weight Gain- The more you stress, the more you crave fatty foods like cakes and cookies to calm you down.  It also makes your body produce cortisol, a hormone that can turn that extra food into belly fat.


2. Headaches- Mild stress can build up overtime and cause a tight feeling or dull pain across your forehead. Have you ever heard the expression " it feels like my brain is about to explode?" That is how stress can make you feel.  You can take ibuprofen or some type of pain killer as a quick fix. However, until you start to de-stress the migraines or tension headaches will often return.


3. Stomach Problems- If you feel bad and your stomach and bowels or giving you a hard time, don't blame that fried chicken or slice of pizza just yet.  The gas, major bloating, or diarrhea, can be signs of stress.


4. Acne- Yes, the more tense you are, the higher the chance your body will produce the hormone that cause the skin to produce more oil.  The more oil your body makes, the higher minor clogged pores will turn into major outbreaks.


5. Continuous Colds- The immune system can take a serious beating due to stress.  The weaker the immune system becomes, the harder it is for it to fight off viruses.


The most important thing to remember is de-stress! de-stress! de-stress!  Make sure you keep visiting our site for updates on stress and ways to deal with it.  If you can find the common signs of stress, you can begin to do things to treat your symptoms.






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