Michelle Obama hugged the US Men's Olympic Team after they blew France out in their first Olympic Game of the 2012 Olympics.  The guys, lead by Lebron James ,walked off the court over to The First Lady to a rousing standing ovation from the crowd.  The game ended in a 98-71 win.  The US team are th favorites to win and have been greatly compared to the 1992 "Dream Team," which included the likes of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson.  Michelle seemed estatic at the win!




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Barack Michelle Obama: Aww KISS KISS CAM

Barack Michelle Obama: Aww KISS KISS CAM


The Obamas


Barack and Michelle Obama arrived yesterday to watch the U.S. Men's Olympic Team take on Brazil at an exhibition game to roaring cheers at the Verizon Center.  The pair ended up on the Kiss Cam, which is when a couple appears on a large jumbo screen and are expected to kiss.  Barack may have been clueless as he smiled for the camera, but didn't kiss Michelle.  Some in the crowd were not pleased, and subsequently booed.  Well, when you are POTUS, you can get a second chance, which he did.  This time, he got it right.  


During the 4th quarter, the pair appeared before a crowd of thousands, yet again, and Barack kissed Michelle.  This time he received rousing cheers and its reported the crowd chanted Four More Years!!!!  Whitehouse spokesman, Josh Earnest, says of their missing the first opportunity:


"This was the subject of some high-level conversations on the helicopter en route to Andrews Air Force base this morning."  "I can tell you, based on a very good source, that reports that the president was rebuffed are false."

Earnest said the Obamas noticed that their images were on a large screen during the first half of the game and smiled, but didn't realize that "their images were on the screen in conjunction with the Kiss Cam." They didn't know about the Kiss Cam until halftime, when they first saw their daughters Malia and Sasha, who asked why they didn't kiss for the cameras.

"So during Act 2 of the Kiss Cam promotion, the president managed to steal a kiss from his wife."



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Police Officer Allegedly Said He’s Going to Harm Michelle Obama

Police Officer Allegedly Said He's Going To Harm Michelle Obama





Michelle Obama, our First Lady, has been threatned.  An offier is alledged to have said he would shoot her and he also looked up the gun he said he would shoot her with on a phone.   


The Post says that The Secret Service have been notified and the Metropolitan Police are investigating.  The officer has been moved to adminstrative duty while the investigation proceeds.


The motorman allegedly made the comments Wednesday morning as several officers from the Special Operations Division discussed threats against President Obama. It was not immediately clear where the alleged conversation took place or exactly how many officers took part in the conversation.

During that conversation, the officials said, the officer allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady and then used his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use. It was not immediately clear what type of firearm was allegedly shown.

An officer overheard the alleged threat and reported it to a police lieutenant at the Division, who immediately notified superiors, the officials said.


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Michelle Obama Oprah Winfrey Beefin?

Michelle Obama Oprah Winfrey Beefin?




The former editor-and-chief of the New York Times has written an explosive book about Barack and Michelle Obama entitled "The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House".  The biggest claims,however, are about Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey's relationship.  In the book, he claims Michelle has little trust Obama and is "unusually jealous".  He also says she orders women that are close to Obama to be watched.  


Pertaining to Oprah, he claims FLOTUS objects to Obama's close relationship with Winfrey and Oprah once concluded that Michelle hates "fat people".  During the first term, Klein says Michelle's "obsessive behavior" was the talk of the White House.  Excerpts from the book says:


"Michelle makes it clear to her inner circle…that she wants women around Barack watched and wants info about who he has an eye for and gets touchy with.  ‘The thing is, she knows, like everybody, about JFK’s shenanigans, and she thinks, hey, JFK was young and good looking like my guy.".



He continued in the book by saying that after the 08 elections Obama gave Oprah's advice priority.  He wrote:



 ‘"When she (Winfrey) phoned, he dropped everything and took her call. They huddled over strategy. Of all of Obama’s unofficial White House advisers, Oprah had unparalleled access, input, influence, and power."



He continued to say that Michelle was "furious" about Barack's late night phone calls with Winfrey and it blew over when she thought Oprah urged Bill Clinton to run against Obama for re-election.  It has lots more juicy claims, and  no comments have been made from the White House as of yet.



Update: Critics of the book are calling it untrue and "non-sense".




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Cute Couple Alert: Obama and Michelle ‘Lovie Dovie’

Cute Couple Alert: Obama and Michelle 'Lovie Dovie'




Michelle Obama and Barack Obama were in Georgia yesterday at Fort Stewart Walk helping to mourn soldiers who have passed.  He also signed an order that would help military families.  Michelle, who is known for her dashing style, looked fabulous in a deep colored, red dress, pearls and flat shoes.


What caught the eye of many was the affection the pair shared.  They were seen holding hand and kissing at times.  This was just another reminder of what a great couple they make and the great chemistry they have.



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POTUS appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show via webcam today and showed an old prom picture showing some major leg.  The two powerhoused chatted with a group teenage girls who have military parents. Seeing that it is prom time, the two decided to do a photo swap of past prom pics with Ellen revealing hers first.  When Michelle's was revealed it showed her seated in a chair with a 70's metallic gold dress with a high slit up the left sideof her leg.  Who knew!




Beyonce Writes Michelle Obama a Touching Letter

Beyonce Writes Michelle Obama a Touching Letter




Michelle Obama has been a magnificent first lady helping take care of home and still during her First Lady duties.  While Beyonce is vacationing with husband Jay-Z and Baby Blue in St. Bart's, she took the time out to write a beautiful, open letter to First Lady Michelle Obama letting her know just how much she appreciates her.  Read the Letter to see what Beyonce says:




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