Tatyana Ali SAYS HELLO

Tatyana Ali Music 





Tatyana Ali



Former Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress "Tatyana Ali"  who played Ashley Banks on the 90's hit comedy series with Will Smith, is making her way back into music 15 years after her first album with her forthcoming album "Hello."  This will be a follow up to her 1998 album "Kiss The Sky."


Ali created a short film to promote the project where she gets risque, posing topless and covering her breast with her hands, while red and blue paint chiming down the photo.  Of the project, Tatyana says:



"I'm so excited this day is here! All of this is coming from my heart," Ali said about her new project.

"It's my story: it's what I believe in, what I dream about and what I've been through. My hope is to connect to people and share what I love. This is truly an independent effort."








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Beyonce Cover: This Girl’s Voice is BEYOND INCREDIBLE

Beyonce Cover Dangerously In Love








Beyonce Cover 2013


Superstar Beyonce has plenty of things to be happy about….she is gorgeous, talented, and loved by millions.   Noone can forget her memorable performance of her hugely popular song "Dangerously In Love"  at the Grammy's in 2004.  Well, every Bey fan can appreciate a cover done by someone who truely does Bey's songs justice and we think we may have just the cover for you.


A video is circulating on Facebook of a seemingly, young teenage female who sings the cover of "Dangerously In Love" so emphatically wonderful, we at My Fabulous Style had to post it for everyone to hear.  With nothing but a comb for a "microphone" this young talent belts out an absolutely fabulous renditon of the song you just have to hear it for yourself. 


With so many soulful runs, high notes to the "heavens" and overall commanding presence, we are pretty sure we'll see this girl on someone's stage in the future.  We're not sure who or what her name is or where she is from, but if you know, please inform us at info@myfabulousstyle.com so we can give proper credit where credit is due.  Until then, enjoy the cover and share with your friends!!!!!








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Ciara GQ








Singer Ciara puts on her best sexy face as she poses for some seductive photos in a new photospread for GQ.  She was photographed by Gomillion & Leupold.  She looks super sexy as she dishes to the magazine about her new single, "Overdose" and being a great dancer.  Here are some excerpts:






On her hit single, “Body Party”
It’s one of those songs that happened fast, because it has such a sweet vibe. I can’t even lie, when we were mixing it, I was listening to it over and over like a fan. I don’t like using obvious samples, but it felt right—I couldn’t ignore the track the way [producer] Mike WiLL flipped the sample of ‘My Boo.’ It’s one of those songs a girl can sing to her man and where guys don’t have to feel too cool to slow dance with your girl.

On being one of the best dancers in Hollywood
Go with the flow; don’t overthink it. If you’re a head-nod kind of guy, nod your head. If you’re a guy who likes to coast out and rock or sway, just do that. Whatever you do, don’t get out there and try do something you haven’t practiced. Do what shows your style and vibe—let me catch that without you trying to show me anything. I’m kind of okay to just chill. Keep it simple and let the girl guide you a little bit. If you can do that, I think you’ll be alright.

On her favorite style on men
I love when people have their own creative vision, when a person stands out and tries different things. I also think less is more. A T-shirt and some Balmain jeans or even just simple jeans can still look nice—it can be powerful, too. There’s nothing better than when a man is in tune with who he is. I believe a person’s style is an expression of who you are—way more than dancing. And confidence is everything. Confidence is what makes that simple white tee and jeans look good.






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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian GET INTIMATE FOR KANYE’S BOUND 2

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Bound 2 Video






Kimye Bound 2


Kanye West debuted a new video today via Ellen DeGeneres' talk show for his single "Bound 2" which features Kim Kardashian topless.  The video has a downplayed visual aesthetics, which already had some people on Twitter reacting in a not so negative light.


Kim basically rides a motorcycle topless with Kanye against a colorful background with silhouettes of her in some shots and Kanye rapping in others.  Watch for yourself and give your take on what some are deeming a "fiasco."





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Beyonce Photobombs Concertgoer in Australia







Superstar singer Beyonce sure knows how to make her fans happy and suprised at the same time.  Apparently, a teen at her concert in Australia pushed her way to the front of the Mrs. Carter World Tour in Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park last weekend


To celebrate she was going in to take a selfie and to her surprise, Bey, stopped in and did the coolest photobomb ever!!!!  To the delight of the fan it made her day and a memory she will probably cherish for the rest of her life!!!


The 15-year-old posted the experience on her Tumblr stating:


i dont even even know it was such a blur i just remember her bending down to me and my friend and i just turned for the photo and wowoowow it was the best moment ever! like she posed like i wasnt even expecting her to look at my phone or notice me in the crowd.


Excited Bey Fans began to make the photo go viral!!!!  What do you think fashionistas?  Sound Off Below!!!


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Rihanna Smokes With Snoop Dog






Rihanna World Diamond Tour


It's not secret that world superstar Rihanna blazes on some weed whenever she gets and she let it be known she was getting high as she posted a photo of herself with rapper Snoop Lion with the caption "Chiefin with a Chief."  






She performed in the Dominican Republic as a part of her Diamonds World Tour.  She is set to perform in Puerto Rico and her bestie Melissa Forde is tagging right along.  After the concert, her Melissa and Snoop found a way to have some fun!!!




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In The Slammer: Chris Brown GETS JACKED UP

Chris Brown Arrested




Chris Brown In The Slammer


Superstar, Chris Browngets jacked up yet again.  He has been arrested after he alledgedly attack a man outside of a DC Hotel.  TMZ Reports:


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … at around 4:30 AM Brown got into an argument with a man outside the W Hotel on K Street and allegedly punched him once in the face.  We're told the alleged victim never threw a punch.  


The alleged victim tells TMZ … he and a friend were hanging out at the W when they saw 2 women about to take a picture with Brown.  The victim — who says he's not a Chris Brown fan — says he and his buddy photo bombed the 2 women and Chris went nuts, punching him in the face and BREAKING HIS NOSE.  He went to the hospital and says he may need surgery as early as tomorrow.  


Law enforcement sources and the alleged victim tell TMZ … before striking the man, Chris said, "I'm not into this gay s**t, I'm into boxing."  After Chris punched the man, the fight was taken to the ground.


Sources connected with Chris tell TMZ … the alleged victim is full of BS.  He was NOT trying to take a pic with Chris … he was trying to get on Chris' tour bus, and Brown was simply trying to stop a trespass.  The sources say before the incident the 2 girls tried to get on the bus but they were stopped, and that's when the victim and his friend made their move.


Law enforcement sources say Chris did not appear to be under the influence of anything.


Chris and his bodyguard — who was also arrested — will stay in jail today.  Under DC law Brown can't get bail so he'll appear before a magistrate Monday, and until then he'll stay behind bars.  


The alleged victim tells TMZ he doesn't understand why Brown was "so homophobic" to hurl such a slur.  And get this … the victim says he would have accepted an apology at the scene, but now he will absolutely press charges — and he's already hired a lawyer.


Brown is still on probation in the Rihanna beating case and this could be grounds for violating his probation — which means he could be sentenced to prison for nearly 4 years … worst case scenario for him.



Rihanna & Chris Brown

Rihanna & Chris Brown



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Update:  Chris Brown has been released from jail.  His charges were reduced to a misdemeanor. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, alerted the L.A. District attorney about Brown's arrest already.  The D.A. now has called for an investigation into the D.C. arrest of Brown to see if it violates his probation for the 2009 beating of then girlfriend Rihanna.  He is scheduled to appear in court for that on November 25.



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Britney Jean Album Cover Art






Britney Spears


Superstar Britney Jean Spears has released the cover art for her latest album that is aptly titled Britney Jean.  She is trying to work her way back up the music ladder and is going back to basics.  


Britney released the cover art and also thanked her true fans for with a personal letter:



Dear Fans,


I haven't sat down to write you guys in SUCH a long time.  Long overdue!  We're all so used to getting our thoughts out in 140 characters, but sometimes its nice to take time to sit down and write something a little longer and more personal.  I am putting the finishing touches on my new album, "Britney Jean" over the next few days and I am so excited for you to hear it.  I poured my heart and soul into this album and it's been an incredible journey.  I've learned a lot about myself, and as I am finishing, I am reminded of the incredible foundation that has supported me for the last 15 years.  Thank you all for continuing to follow me on this journey and for allowing me to do what I love to do.  I can’t believe this is my eighth studio album and I know I keep telling you that it is my most personal record yet, but its true and I’m really proud of that. 


I have been through a lot in the past few years and it has really inspired me to dig deeper and write songs that I think everyone can relate to.  Working with people like Sia, William Orbit, and of course Will.i.am has been an amazing experience.  They have listened to all of my ideas and helped me bring them to life.  There are a lot of really fun, upbeat dance songs, but it was important to me that I show my strength, and my attitude, and my vulnerability.  Of course, I also have some surprises for you guys ;)


I want to show you the different sides of Britney Spears.  I am a performer.  I am a Mom.  I am funny.  I am your friend!  I am Britney Jean. 


Hope you love my labor of love!


Love Always,



What do you think of the coverart fashionistas?  Are you looking forward to her new album and new Vegas Show??  Sound Off Below!!!  


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