Ann Hathaway GETS BAZAAR

Ann Hathaway Harper's Bazaar



Ann Hathaway


Ann Hathaway has become an international acting superstar and has grown into a mature, chic, beautiful woman.  She appears in Harpers Bazaar dressed in a tight corset, and talks with the magazine about not having "sex appeal.  She tells the magazine that she hates not being "cool."  She says she feels like she is labeled sweet, accessible, and not interesting.    


She adds that she is not Rihanna.  When people come up to her and want a hug, not a phoot, they want it for the work she has done.  Speaking of the work she has done.  Her latest project where she plays Fantine in Les Miserable is getting her Oscar Buzz.   Maybe, just maybe, what she is doing works for her!


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Kim Kardashian Pregnancy




Kim On Pregnancy


Kim's pregnancy has barely been official to the public for a week, but it seems the media has become obsessed with every step and word she makes regarding the pregnancy.  Kim spoke to ET Tonight about the pregnancy.  She told the reporter that it is not fun and that she is suffering from growing pains.  She added that she wouldn't say that the pregnancy has been easy, but she hasn't had morning sickness.


She says when people say pregnancy is fun and they love it, she disagrees, adding from this point on she thinks it easier and funner, but its just adjusting.  Kim and Kanye don't know the sex of the baby yet, but want to find out as soon as they can.  There is also speculation that Kim will give birth to her child while still married to ex-husband Kris Humphries as their divorce has been long and bitter.  There is a scheduled trial coming up!


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Mary Murphy: So You Think You Can SEX DRUGS ROCK & ROLL

Mary Murphy: So You Think You Can SEX DRUGS ROCK & ROLL





One of the "So You Think You Can Dance" judges, Mary Murphy, is being sued and accused of some major,major misbehavior.  A former manager, Mark Sanchez alleges the judge is a "desperate nymphomaniac".  TMZ reports:


Murphy is being sued by her ex-manager Michael Sanchez — who claims he was hired as Murphy's personal manager in 2006 … and practically saved her life … only to be kicked to the curb in 2010. 
In his suit, Sanchez claims Murphy was a NIGHTMARE … and he was constantly covering up her dangerous and scandalous behavior to protect her image. 
Among the claims, Sanchez says Murphy is a "desperate, cocaine-fueled nymphomaniac" who had "many inappropriate sexual relationships with 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Chelsea Lately' crew members."
Sanchez claims he once busted in to her apartment when she was unresponsive … and found Murphy high on drugs and in bed with a SYTYCD producer … with cocaine on the nightstand.
Sanchez also claims Murphy would violate FOX TV rules and U.S. game show laws by secretly coaching contestants behind the scenes. 
Update:  Mary Murphy's team tells TMZ:
  … they believe Sanchez is trying to embarrass Murphy on the eve of the show's Thursday premiere because she has sued him for double-dealing her over a show she was in — "Burn the Floor."  The lawyer for the former manager says:
Murphy's lawsuit has been put on hold because Sanchez has filed for bankruptcy. She's listed as a creditor.

Sanchez' lawyer tells TMZ … Mary filed her lawsuit right in the midst of negotiating a settlement between the two of them, adding, "Our lawsuit speaks for itself … We are confident Mary's weak attempt to get out front with a frivolous, error-filled action will have no impact on our fact-based lawsuit."


Chris Brown Karruche’s Promise Finger Rihanna?

Chris Brown Karruche's Promise Finger Rihanna?




Karrueche Tran posted a photo via her twitter a few days ago with a tattoo on her pinky finger that says "promise".  It would be more speculative if it could mean anything about a possible future marriage to Chris Brown if it were tattooed on her ring finger, but the thing that is striking many is that Rihanna has had a tattoo on her finger that reads "Shhh…" for a while now.  Not sure what this maybe all about, if anything, but do you think it is a conincidence or do you think Karrueche may be taking some shot towards Rihanna?  





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President Barack Obama Says Powerful Words About the Trayvon Martin Case

President Barack Obama Says Powerful Words About the Trayvon Martin




President Barack Obama was asked about the Trayvon Martin Case today after he introduced Dartmouth President Jim Kim to be the next head of the World Bank in the Rose Garden.  The President said we should do some "soul searching".  Barack Obama said:


"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon,"  "I think (Trayvon's parents) are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened."


Obama continued to say that he is glad that the Justice Department is investigating the case.  He also said:


"Obviously, this is a tragedy." "I can only imagine what these parents are going through, and when I think about this, I think about my own kids, and I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and everybody aspect of this, and that everybody pulls together .. federal, state and local .. to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened."


"I think all of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen," he continued, "And that means we examine the laws and the context for what happened, as well as the specifics of the incident."





Kate Upton Naked MUSE & By The Way “Up Yours Critics”

Kate Upton Naked MUSE & By The Way "Up Yours Critics"



Kate Upton still rides a tidal wave good fortune.   A little after a week of being named Sports Illustrated Magazine Cover Girl 2012, she is now on the cover of MUSE Magazine.  In the mag, Upton posed in her "birthday suit".  She channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe/Anna Nicole.  The 19-year-old supermodel was photographed by photographer Sebatian Faena.   Photos range from black and white to a totally nude photo profile of the model with red pumps.






Amid the success, she also found time to address the critics that have said she is not "supermodel material". Last week, the casting director of Victoria Secret Fashion Show said she would never cast Kate for a Victoria's Secret Runway Show.




Of her critics, Katinkins told Access Hollywood


"I didn't even try out for the runway show," Upton shot back. "Football player's wife? Gisele [Bundchen's] a football player's wife. I'm okay. Giselle's in that category, I'm good. She wanted to go out and buy my face, it sounds like. That's fine. Go on, buy it. I didn't…. I’m doing fine in my career, I don’t need to walk down their runway so it’s all good. She can think that and I can think whatever I want to think about her."



Video of Kate addressing her critics:



What do you think?


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