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Singer Brandy Covers Vibe Vixen




Brandy Norwood Viben


Singer Brandy Norwood has had her fair share of ups and downs, but the 33-year-old singer is trying to make a comeback with an album set to be released.  She covers Vibe Vixen look fabulously chic and classic.  She talked to the magazine about her new album that is coming out and why at some point she thought her music career was literally over.  Check out some excerpts from the interview.



How does it feel this time around? What makes this return to music different from times before?
I had a little bit more guidance that I trusted with this album. It just felt like the beginning of my career; how I felt with Atlantic Records. Having my first A&R on board [Breyon Prescott], I just really trusted them and what my album should be—helping bring back the genre of R&B music.

What was the realization that you were ready to make a strict R&B album?
That’s what my fans wanted from me. I felt like that was my way to reintroduce myself to them and introduce myself to people that don’t even know me. They’re supporting me and it feels good. I took my daughter to the Mindless Behavior concert and 10- to 16-year-olds are screaming to the top of their lungs when I’m walking in. I started doing music before they were born! I just remember asking some little girl, ‘How do you know me?’

Early on in your career did you think you’d be at this age and still reaching young girls through your music?
I didn’t see it, but I definitely wanted longevity. I can’t believe sometimes that I’m still standing after everything I’ve been through, but I’m here. With the success of “Put It Down” and moving forward with “Wildest Dreams,” it feels like a brand new time but it also feels familiar to me.

The energy is youthful but there’s maturity and growth on this album.
It’s definitely different than any album I’ve done, but you can tell it’s still me.

“Wildest Dreams” is definitely a record true to the Brandy we know.
It’s about me not believing I could find someone who cares about me, because at one time, I gave up on love. I just was like, I guess I’m going to be alone. I’m just going to take care of my daughter and do my thing.

Wow. How did you get to that place?
I couldn’t get it right. I got really close to being married and it didn’t happen. After that, I dated a little bit and it was always something that just wasn’t connecting with love and me. I think it was because I was looking for love to do something for me; to make me happy, fill a void, make me feel complete, and all of these things don’t come from another, it comes from a love of self. I didn’t understand that at the time. I really had to confront all of that. I said a prayer and I waited and I saw Ryan.

It’s widely known that Two Eleven means a lot to you. It’s your birth date but also the date of Whitney Houston’s passing. What runs through your mind when you recall that day?
February 11th will never be the same. I think about her everyday but that day in particular, it’s different. I didn’t understand. I had just seen her the day before; I just spoke to her a couple days before she passed. It just didn’t seem right the way she passed. I was angry, I was confused, but as I started to process it all, I just started to feel like there was a responsibility that she passed on to me to stay true to [the music]. She gave me the dream and possibility, and I have to do that same thing for other people. This music thing is not just about me anymore. It’s about the people that I’m relating to. People need music.

Do you think that you’ll do a song for Whitney?
I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. It’s really about the overall purpose, which is music. I remember her telling me, ‘Nobody can be you so don’t try to be something other than you. Be yourself and stay true to that.’  That was the last thing she said to me. That was the last time I heard her voice. It’s all a spiritual thing to me. The day, the passing, it’s all…

It’s still affecting you; it’s in your voice.
I never want Whitney’s passing to be about me. She meant so much to me, so I have to take something from it to help me move on and give me a purpose after she’s gone.


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Listen: Whitney Houston Celebrate Written by R. Kelly

Listen: Whitney Houston Celebrate Written by R. Kelly



It has been over three months since the death of legendary singer Whitney Houston.  She filmed the movie Sparkle last year, which would be the last film she would ever complete.  A song called "Celebrate" which was written by R.Kelly has been released and it is the last song she ever recorded.  She recorded the song with co-star in the movie Jordin Sparkle.  Whitney recorded the song just four days before her death.  



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Whitney Houston ‘Sparkles’ In New Trailer

Whitney Houston 'Sparkles' In New Trailer




Whitney Houston was on the road to a major comeback and a part of that comeback was doing the remake of the movie "Sparkle".  A clip of the trailer was released today and played on the "Today",  giving you a first look at the singer along with Cee-Lo & Jordin Sparks.  The official synopsis states:


"Musical prodigy Sparkle (Sparks) struggles to become a star while overcoming issues that are tearing her family apart. From an affluent Detroit area and daughter to a single mother (Whitney Houston), she tries to balance a new romance with music manager, Stix (Derek Luke) while dealing with the unexpected challenges her new life will bring as she and her two sisters (Carmen Ejogo and Tika Sumpter) strive to become a dynamic singing group during the Motown-era."





Many who worked with the singer on the movie said she delivered a powerful performance, possibly Oscar-contending.  They were originally going to remake the movie in 2001, with the late singer Aaliyah set to play Jordin Sparks character at the time.   Aaliyah suddenly passed away and the movie was put on hold.





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Bobbi Kristina Says Whitney Houston Was “Her Everything”

Bobbi Kristina Says Whitney Houston Was "Her Everything"



Oprah's interview with Bobbi Kristina aired tonight on the OWN Network.  In the interview, Bobbi Kristina said her mother was her "best friend, her sister, and confidant".  She said she she gets visits from her mother stating that the "lights turn on and off sometimes and she can still laugh and talk with her.


Patricia Houston spoke with Oprah and says that Whitney was happy with the fact that she was laying the foundation for Bobbi Kristina.  Patricia Houston says that Whitney Houston is truly at peace.  She says she felt Whitney was chasing a dream….looking for love in all the wrong places.  


She says of the day Whitney died, she does not know how Whitney got in the bathtub, she just knows she had to be pulled out.  


The coroner had been getting phone calls from family members who think Whitney had been murdered.  The coroner says that were no signs of foul play, but toxicology reports are not in yet.


Watch Portion Of Bobbi Kristina on Oprah:

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Whitney Houston On The Cover of Essence April 2012

Whitney Houston On The Cover of Essence April 2012







Essence Magazine pays tribute to Whitney Houston in their April 2012 edition.  In the edition they talk about her rise to fame and how she influenced younger performers such as Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys.  There are photos and messages from friends and family.  This is one of many magazines who have paid homage to the late singer who passed on February 11, 2012.


Some other rumors and allegations surfaced such as her supposedly having a year long affair with Jermaine Jackson in 1984.  Sources say she also dedicated the song 'Saving All My Love For You' to Jermaine.  


Jermaine is said to have hinted at his feelings for her in his book,  You Are Not Alone Michael:  Through a Brother's Eyes.   He wrote:

 "As much as I wanted to lose myself in all these feelings, I told her to wait. Ultimately, we had to go our separate ways and it killed us both." 

He is also to have said Michael warned him off having an affair and reminded him of Hazel and family.


Watch Saving All My Love Video:



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Whitney Houston Teen Model Photos

Whitney Houston Teen Model Photos






Taking a look back at Whitney's life, you may not have known but Whitney started out as a model.  Her thin frame, good looks,  and pretty smile made for a great model.  You would never think that her ending would be so tragic when you look at these photos.  Above, Whitney models in a pink/white ensemble splashing around in sparkling water.


A fashion editor who worked with Whitney, at the time of her modeling career, took the time out to talk about working with Whitney during her modeling days: 


Anytime we were booking models for a photo shoot, we would always say, "Let's book Whitney," "See if Whitney is available," "Whitney would be great for this story".  She continued, "She was nevr a diva and she was always professional.' 'She showed up on time and made our jobs easier by doing her best in front of the camera.' 'She never complained if days rans long and cheerfully did whatever was expected."






Whitney ended up getting the cover for Seventeen Magazine.  She was not the first black model to grace the cover, but at this time, it still wasn't common to see African-American models on the cover.  The singer would two years later go on to release her first album with Arista Records in 1985.  Her self-titled debut went on to sell 25 million copies.





From then on she went on to have a successful career winning numerous awards.  She married Bobby Brown and this is when the tides for a career took a turn for the worst.  There were rumors of heavy drug use, erratic behavior and abuse from Bobby Brown.


After her death, Radaronline is reporting that Bobby Brown is trying to shop a tell-all book about the singer's life.  They are also reporting that the singer may have died from a mixture of Valium, Xanax, and alcohol.  May she rest in peace.



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Gabriel Aubrey Spotted Out With Nahla

Gabriel Aubrey Spotted Out With Nahla




Gabriel Aubrey was spotted out with he and Halle Berry's duaghter.  They appeared to be having a wonderful time.   He let her frollick around. You would never guess that a bitter custody battle was being waged right now.


A few weeks ago, Halle Berry asked a judge to allow her to move to France with Nahla because she fears for her daughter's and her own safety.  Halle has since had two stalkers and one of which that escaped but was later apprehended.


It has just been revealed a few weeks ago that Halle and her beau Oliver Martinez are engaged.  Gabriel is vehemently fighting allowing Halle to move to France because he and feels this is Halle's attempt to keep him away from Nahla. The court has already ordered he has supervised visits with the child.


What do you think?


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Home Going Fit For A Queen: Whitney Houston’s Elaborate Departure

Home Going Fit For A Queen: Whitney Houston's Elaborate Departure 


Whitney Houston's funeral service was beautiful from start to finish.  It was filled with great speeches, wonderful words of encouragement, plenty of music and the word of GOD.  It was a perfect home going for Houston. Everyone remembered the late R&B star for the special mother, daughter, sister, and friend that she was.  


Even with all the celebrities in the audience, Houston remained the focus of the day!  Even the processional was powerful, with men lifting Houston's casket military style into the air and carrying her out on their shoulders.  Her version of "I Will Always Love You" played as they proceeded out of the church.  


Watch The Powerful Moment………



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