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Kaylas Kurlz



My name is Kayla and I am a young entrepreneur.  I am bi-racial and I have naturally curly hair.  I have tried and used many products on the market, but most of them contained harsh, cancer causing chemicals, that strip your hair of its natural oils and texture.  My grandmother passed away from cancer before I was born and it is important to me to bring awareness to cancer and make charitable donations on behalf of finding a cure for this terrible disease.


When I attended school, I was often teased for having shorter, curly hair.  Most of the kids that attended my school had long, straight hair.  The teasing made me feel alone, vulnerable, and unpretty.  I told my mom about my dilemma and she told me that I am beautiful no matter what anyone says. Most of all, my mom encouraged me to embrace my curls.  From then on, I was proud to have naturally, curly hair.


After deciding to embrace my curls, I looked for products that would be safe and soft on my hair, but at the same time give me the shiny, manageable hair that I want. I had a hard time locating a product that worked for me, so being a young entrepreneur, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I experimented with natural and organic ingredients mixing them together until I made a fabulous detangling spray that works really well. After watching an episode of Shark Tank, and having an entrepreneur mindset, I decided I wanted to bring what I had created to the market. Kayla's Kurlz was born!     To check out my full story click here



Young Entrepreneur Kayla Presents Kayla's Kurlz


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