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Kaylas Kurlz Defining Skin and Hair Care






As we progress in the beauty world, more and more people want products that are good for the skin, with no harsh, toxic chemicals. Most products on the shelves today contain ingredients we can’t even pronounce, which is a red flag that we shouldn’t be putting them on our skin. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it, into our bodies and we want to make sure that what we’re putting on the outside is good for our insides. The natural, organic beauty market is flourishing these days and more fabulous products are being made every day, crafted by unknown names, sometimes even at home. Kayla’s Kurlz is one of those new, natural beauty lines that was inspired by Kayla’s unruly curly hair that she wanted to tame to fit in better with societal norms. Today, we champion curly hair and embrace differences and using Kayla’s Kurlz hair products will help define and nourish those curls that make us different in a beautiful way.


Kayla’s Kurlz is an all-natural brand developed in Kayla’s own home, mixing and matching different ingredients together to formulate the perfect recipe for maintaining her naturally curly hair. After watching countless YouTube videos about how to manage her curls, she realized there was a need for an organic formula that would not only be effective, but safe. That’s why Kayla developed her brand, Kayla’s Kurlz.

Our experts at MyTopFace tried a few of Kayla’s products, both for hair and skin, and we think Kayla was able to concoct some really amazing formulas. One of our favorite products is the Gracious Green Organic Anti-Aging Skin Therapy with Shea Nut Butter for face and body. Being in the business of beauty, we’ve tried a lot of skincare creams and we have to say that this one gives Chanel skincare a run for its money. This green solution looks like a jar of smashed avocado that has been carefully whipped into perfection, when you open it. It smells of Shea Butter and can be used as a facial moisturizer or all-over body lotion. This moisturizer is a lotion, but can also act as a beauty salve for its ultra-moisturizing properties. When you dip your hands into the pot to scoop out some product, it almost feels like a luxurious petroleum jelly. When you apply this skin therapy, it leaves behind a light greasy feel, which we thought would last throughout the day and ruin our clothing, but shortly after applied, the greasy feel absorbed and made skin absolutely glowing. This green recipe is perfect for stubborn dry skin and diminishing those irritating facial lines that just refuse to go away. Soften the aging process with Gracious Green.


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